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TALMIX INTRODUCTION The best global business talent to support strategic initiatives www.talmix.com Talmix works with businesses to deliver highly operational talent to execute on key initiatives around the globe. Many of our clients connect to talent on our network to deliver on: • digital transformation and scale-ups • supply chain optimization • campaign analysis and market insight analysis • operations & strategy • data analytics Talmix provides the best talent to improve performance and overcome strategic challenges across your business. @wearetalmix +44 02 3176 5615 wearetalmix Successful businesses are embracing change and driving transformation, re-thinking technology investments, re-forecasting inventory and adjusting processes and plans. Talmix creates connections to the talent to drive transformation, faster than any other solution. You can connect to project, interim and permanent talent, confident that you will be accessing the world's best business professionals. Breakdown of Talent By Project Type Average daily rate ($) per project Talmix makes it as easy as possible to connect and work with business talent for all your business initiatives and projects. Our digital staffing platform gives you the most convenient way to access business talent from a global network. Fast connections: most Talmix clients are introduced to their ultimate hires in under 24 hours. Rich datasets from talent and application data guarantee the most precise matches between your requirements and our talent network. 60,000 size of global talent network accessible through Talmix digital staffing platform 24 time in hours for clients to connect with matching talent 2,600 new data points added daily to guarantee perfect matching E-commerce Consultants Project Management Marketing & PR Strategy Procurement/ Supply Chain Analyst/ Research HR 800 1100 620 1010 630 700 600 610 710 680 990 970 760 450 Due Diligence Market Expert Operations Digital Transformation Change Management Information Technology Finance

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