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On Demand The New Workforce The New Workforce Traditional Employees Aren't being Replaced Instead, it's about creating a hybrid workforce through a blend of traditional and on-demand talent, so that you are always working with people who are experts in your areas of urgent need. On-Demand Workers Bring Specialized Skills Access to specialized knowledge and skill-sets can be critical to an organization's competitive advantage. Hiring experts often means getting a job done faster and more efficiently. Free Up Your Overhead Connecting with on-demand workers allows you to scale your workforce where and when it counts. A reduction in overhead costs can have a significant impact on your company's bottom line. In an world of unrelenting change and uncertainty, companies can enhance their ability to compete by building flexible workforce models using a blended mix of full and part-time workers - the "on-demand workforce". Building the On-Demand Workforce with Talmix Over the last few years, businesses have begun to transform their talent models and business strategy by exploring more innovative, technology-led solutions to closing the skills gap – digital talent platforms. Digital talent platforms, like Talmix, are making it possible for companies to shape their workforce to respond to changing market needs, allowing businesses to tap into in-demand skills they don't have internally, expand their capabilities, and improve the organization's capacity to complete critical projects. Done right, using Talmix can unleash new, stronger business models built around using an on-demand workforce, as organizations adapt quickly to evolving customer needs and market demands. Times Have Changed Owing to the pace of workplace change, and the unpredictability of recruiting needs and market expectations, traditional means of finding talent are simply not working anymore. In a workplace that now demands agility, fast adaptability and proactivity, traditional methods are simply too slow to cope with the pace of change. Covid-19 has accelerated a number of trends that were shaping the future of work. Future success will depend upon having access to high-end talent when required. It is now critical to cast the net as wide as possible, and keep that talent fresh and relevant. It's about anticipating change and being able to access the right talent to match your changing needs, on-demand. We've seen the market for on-demand talent boom as organizations — under these socio-economic pressures — rethink their strategic workforce planning priorities and embrace more flexible, extended workforce models for accessing skilled workers, on an as-needed basis. On Demand Talent Platforms The digitally-enabled, on-demand future of talent acquisition allows for a more holistic and streamlined implementation of talent management processes for attracting, acquiring, managing, developing, predicting and extending networks of talent. The smartest organizations are already working with trusted on-demand talent platforms like Talmix, to build their internal capabilities and manage a blended workforce of in-house and on-demand talent. 90% of business leaders say that they believe that on- demand talent platforms are set to become an integral part of their talent strategy in the coming years.

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