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What is a Talent Marketplace: An Introduction Where does Talmix fit in the talent marketplace landscape? Joining Talmix How to join Talmix Why join the Talmix network? Is Talmix just for work in Europe? How can Talmix support me? Applying for a Project How do I find projects on the Talmix Marketplace? How do I land a project? How do I set my rates? How do I submit a proposal? Can I work remotely on projects? Why am I not being matched to any projects? What happens after my proposal has been accepted? Your Talent Passport What is the Talent Passport? How to Register and Build Your Talent Passport Why have I not been approved? How do I get a perfect talent passport score? Why do I need to provide proof of identity? Feedback When do I receive feedback concerning my application? General Professional Indemnity Insurance Understanding Worker Classification Talmix Talent Agreement Payments & Invoicing Joining Talmix How do I find talent for my business? How do I use the Talmix Marketplace? What is the Talmix Process? Posting a Project How do I post a project? Why has my project not been approved? How can I ensure that the right quality talent applies? Do I have to review every application or meet all applicants? How do I let an applicant know that I want to work with them? How quickly will my project get started? Can I work directly with a chosen applicant on future projects? How is feedback provided? General Payments & Invoicing Understanding Worker Classification Talmix Client Agreement About Talmix For Talent For Clients FAQs Find answers to the most common questions you may have about using the Talmix Talent Marketplace. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, contact support@talmix.com.

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