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4. Do I need to meet applicants? Most of our clients run the process entirely through our platform, making use of the messaging functionality to resolve any questions about proposals or experience. Some will request telephone and in-person interviews, particularly when there is a requirement to be part of an existing team. Ultimately, our aim is to get the right match for you and how you finalise the selection is entirely up to you. 5. How do I let the applicant know that I want to work with them? When you have decided on your preferred applicant, you can issue an agreement from your account. The applicant will be notified, review the agreement, and 'click' to accept (you may have to firm up some of the details, such as expenses, as part of the final refinement). When the project agreement is finalised, your project starts. We will inform unsuccessful applicants for you, so that you can concentrate on the details of your project, and not the management of the process. 6. How quickly will I get my project started? This really depends on the complexity of the request. Our aim is to have the first suitable applicants with you within 24 hours; however sometimes we have projects that start on the same day as the project is posted. The process really runs to your timescales. We should stress that if you are planning for a project in advance and wish to find the perfect applicant, then it is worth pre-booking them. 10

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