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7. Can I work directly with the chosen applicant on future projects? Our terms and conditions state that our fee applies to any projects within 12 months of the later of either the date of the Introduction, or the date of the end of a Project. This is to provide a level playing field for our talent and to ensure that we can continue to monitor the quality of our service provision. We are always pleased when a client wants to engage with the same talent again. 8. Why has my project not been approved? When we review project requirements, we will reject those that we do not consider suitable to share with our talent network. Often, this will be because the project lacks sufficient details, or does not include goals, deliverables or expectations; the budget may not be realistic or reflect the current market average, or the timescales may not be coherent with the project type or industry standards. If this is the case, you will always be given the option to edit and re-submit your project on the platform. For any support during the resubmission process, you can get in touch with any of our support team at support@talmix.com. You can also visit our dedicated Client Resources page HERE, where you can learn more about the work that Talmix delivers, the types of talent that we work with, and all the latest industry news and trends. 11

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