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1. How to Join Talmix Talmix is a free-to-use platform. Simply register your details and we'll start our vetting process. Once you have been approved, you can search and apply for projects. You will not be able to apply for projects until your application has been approved. 2. Does it make sense to join Talmix? Talmix is the home of business talent and has been helping its network develop independent careers since we were founded. We bring fresh client projects to your attention,so that you are consistently given an immediate pipeline of new business opportunities. We also offer support throughout the process, providing expert advice on writing better proposals, and improving your profile. All our approved members are also given access to our Support Pages, offering exclusive offerings to our network; these include support resources, and a discount on membership to lPSE, providing talent with access to financial advice, insurance and health cover. 3. Can anybody join Talmix? Talmix is powered by the quality of its talent pool. This comprises of talent with anything between 5 and 40 years' business experience - senior executives who have extensive career experience in leading businesses to fast track executives who have built businesses or led significant initiatives. We are providing a service to companies who want instant expertise and experience; this does mean, however, that we have a rigorous vetting process. 2

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