Coming Soon - See Talmix at The Future of HR in January 2019

Talmix is all about making the talent connections that will ensure the future of your workforce. It's why we're delighted to be exhibiting at the Future of HR and the Evolving Workforce in London in January 2019. The event promises  insights on how to cement HR's impact and strategic influence, leveraging technologies for improved talent, engagement, recruitment, workforce planning and retention strategies. 

Clients around the world tell us that Strategic Workforce Planning remains a major challenge. With the skills shortage showing no sign of abating, particularly in the areas of digital transformation, companies are recognising that they need to think differently about talent. HR teams need to understand how to plan the workforce to deliver the business strategy while recognising  the requirements of the modern workforce to work flexibly, be mobile and to have options in how they shape their career and learning programmes.

This evolving workforce is the main topic of discussion at the one day event. Talmix wants to talk to you about how increasing talent connections can not only fill the gaps in your workforce plans, more quickly and accurately than traditional routes, and how to help you start your plans for the Future of Work. And for those attending we'll have a great offer to access experienced HR professionals to help shape your workforce - and adopt a project-based approach to finding, retaining and using the best talent to deliver results.


Register for the event, run by Global Insight Conferences, here and be sure to quote Talmix to receive your discount. There are some great speakers, and we're looking forward to meeting you there.









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Dorothy is VP Marketing & Brand at Talmix. Passionate about the changing workforce and the future of work, she is driving market share for Talmix globally.

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