What your buyer wants to know about you, the independent consultant

October 6, 2017

For most organisations, change is a tough thing to embrace and overcome. And adopting their own internal approach to accessing new talent for the first time, is no different. 
In this broadcast, our panellists share their thoughts and insight into helping Buyers of business services and independent talent overcome their natural caution of doing something new.  

We will also be discussing:

  • Why organisations are choosing independent talent as their secret weapon in the war on talent.
  • What challenges organisations face when embracing independent talent
  • How consultants help buyers overcome initial anxiety and nervousness associated with change, and doing something new
  • How to build relationships with buyers who new to this fluid way of working. 
  • Typical interview questions independent consultants would be asked
  • Tips and Advice to other consultants when working with a new buyer
  • How to re-build relationships that have broken down

Join us on Tuesday 7 November 16:30 GMT as we explore the independent world of work. 

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