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August 23, 2017 Dorothy Mead

The future of work may mean more time working independently, but does that mean more time alone? If so, how do you manage that? In our latest survey to consultants you told us you wanted to connect. We have been speaking to some of our consultants to find out what connecting really means and how it can be of value.

Rizwana is an energetic and strategic business leader with 15 years of experience helping position businesses for long term growth through establishment of strong programmes, business development strategies, and best in class training programmes. She has successfully led teams to deliver high quality services and products, as well as increasing productivity.

How do you overcome the solo feeling of independent working?

I connect with consultants and entrepreneurs I know regularly if I feel stuck or need some guidance, both online and offline. I am great at networking, so I attend various business events.

What’s the longest you’ve gone without talking to another human?

I can easily be without human contact for 48 hours, particularly if I need to focus on writing a strategy document.

How do you bounce ideas around when you’re on your own?

I read many articles, books on different disciplines, also I do mind mapping

What does your ideal virtual network look like?

My ideal virtual network is the one I have at the moment on Linkedin. I am in touch with consultants and entrepreneurs across sectors and that allows me to keep up to date with the latest industry news and trends

How do you keep in touch with your industry / market to ensure you stay relevant?

I am on various Linkedin groups, from technology to strategy and change management. This certainly helps with identifying future trends across sectors. I also read the Financial Times, Forbes.com and I also have the Business Insider App as well receiving Smartbrief for Entrpreneurs e-newsletter

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