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January 24, 2017 Katy Roberts

When a client asks a consultant to completely change their product base, their route to market, their production output, their organisational strategy, their cost structures, their functional focus and more – then you know that that consultant has the skills required to help the business adjust, or risk complete failure. Budapest-based Talmix consultant Sebestyen is that kind of consultant and helps executive leadership teams improve the performance of their businesses. 

Having worked within the corporate world for 10 years serving global-leading organisations such as GE and Honeywell, Sebestyen has always known that he was driven to achieve bigger things, which is probably the reason why he has entertained the idea of becoming an independent consultant for a number of years. His extensive global travel throughout his corporate career drove him find a solution that would bring him back home to Hungary. But it was his time with GE which set him on a career path that, to this day, would enable him to influence change with some of the largest manufacturers and production companies in Hungary. Within 2 years of starting at GE, Sebestyen became involved in the Six Sigma Methodology. “My ambition was always to become a leader and through my development within the LEAN and Six Sigma methodologies, I have been able to build a career which allows me to advise and engage with various functions within organisations”, he tells me.  

It was in 2010 when Sebestyen took the plunge to work independently and through his extensive experience within the manufacturing industry, Sebestyen soon expanded his knowledge and ability from purely continuous improvement, through to business transformation, change management and operational excellence. On one particular project Sebestyen was asked to assist a business who needed to adjust to changing market requirements and reposition itself. Sebestyen was called on to identify solutions and ultimately transform the organisation. “It’s always been a strength of mine to be able to engage and motivate leadership teams. It’s also my strength to create good, strong transparent project plans. I’ve always been a disciplined and structured person, so being able to create a solution that worked for the business, obtain the buy-in from senior management and then have the ability to deploy and execute those plans successfully, was a major success for the organisation. Not only did they get the results they were after, they had a partner who was able to listen to what they were trying to achieve, take the time to understand their vision and then implement his own expertise and improvement strategies in order to deliver success”.  The outcome? The business started seeing positive results within 6 months of implementation in the form of new orders, new market acceptance and the development of a new customer base. 

And clients who work with Sebestyen will have just that. He brings the ability to work on a strategic level, with an aptitude to deliver operationally and cross-functionally. Sebestyen tells me that as a consultant, it’s important to take time to talk to people and understand their views and their concerns. “It’s a huge part of the early stage assessment because it’s important for me, as their consultant, to develop a solution which empowers them to be able execute the plan themselves, along with my assistance. Fundamentally – the basis of all solutions will, most of the time, be their own intrinsic knowledge of the organisation, their products, their clients and their market. There are two very large sides to the concept of continuous improvement. One side is the part of continuous improvement that deals with best practices across functions, but the other side, and sometimes neglected side, is Leadership Development. It’s not only down to project management and analytical approaches.”  

That is what makes Sebestyen a success at what he does and a great example of human-based, results-driven consulting.  

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