Growing up with digital transformation: A telco consultant shares his journey

June 6, 2017 Rebecca White


The telecommunications industry has been at the forefront of digital transformation over two decades. Where other industries are just beginning their journey, most telcos have already been through it. And, Talmix consultant Vahan has been leading this change for over 15 years. 
Developing with the digital curve
Vahan is an IT and telecoms engineer with a double MBA from Columbia and London Business Schools, which he completed during a 15 year stint at a major consulting firm. He focused on taking the telecommunications, media and technology industries through one of biggest digital shifts any sector has ever been through.
He managed strategic and transformation initiatives that were vast in scope, covering everything from customer analytics, finance, strategic vision and operations. “A big consultancy is a great school to acquire a methodology, it enables you to work in an international team with multinational clients and on huge transformation projects that have a global impact.” Living through the history of telecom transformation has helped Vahan develop an understanding of the anatomy of digital change. It is this knowledge that he now uses to help companies across industries forecast digital impact, focusing on “building a continuum from strategic vision to implementation for clients.” 
Cloud tech: getting from projected to real revenue
When cloud technology arrived, the industry began changing drastically. The CEO of a major telecom firm asked Vahan and his team to help grow their Cloud business. The company had developed a new product offering and wanted to leverage its growth. Revenue ambition was several hundreds of million dollars but the company had limited plans on how to achieve it, especially in a profitable way. 
Vahan developed a business plan and transformation roadmap to create appeal for the offers in the market. He set up an agile structure in collaboration with the executive board, which contrasted with the company’s corporate set-up. He coached the CEO of the unit to run it like a startup, and established a growth strategy, while strongly optimising the cost structure. The execution of the transformation roadmap enabled to set the Cloud business on the right track.
Why work with Vahan?
If you are looking for someone who is a trusted C-level advisor and can bring a mix of strategy, corporate finance and digital vision to your project, then Vahan could be for you. He believes that “it is not only about having a nice powerpoint, it is about drawing on my background to say what needs to be done for success.” A survivor of the schlep of transformation, he knows how to execute and has the power to make your project goals come true.
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