An all-rounder consultant with a solid footing in consumer-packaged goods

June 8, 2017 Katy Roberts

“Independent consulting doesn’t suit everyone – but if it does – it’s great,” says Talmix independent consultant Wouter. Belgium-born and globally travelled, Wouter discovered the perfect career recipe that allowed him to offer the expertise he’d built up after working with leading global brands such as L’Oreal and Heineken Group, the skill he’d developed at the London Business School, and a passion to truly do what is meaningful to him, through independent consulting. He shares his story with us. 

“I started my working career with L’Oreal. At the time, I thought my future lay within Supply Chain management, but I soon discovered that I was naturally drawn to a more creative, entrepreneurial path.” And it was this natural progression, and a recognition from L’Oreal management that saw Wouter develop his skill and gradually work himself up into the marketing team, eventually taking on the role of Marketing Director within their consumer-packaged goods function, operating from their Belgium office. 

And it was after taking a career sabbatical that Wouter decided to pursue his dream to complete his MBA at the London Business School – which saw him land a position with the London-division of the Boston Consulting Group. “Joining BCG, I realised what I was most passionate about in my career. I loved problem-solving, and excelled within the client process. I also realised that I had a natural affinity to this type of working and so my love for the consulting industry began.” Wouter now had the unique opportunity to work on both sides of the consulting table. Throughout his time at L’Oreal,  Wouter dealt with consultants from the client-perspective, and now, he was able to understand the reverse role of serving clients – which gave him a unique perspective and view into what success truly meant for his clients.  

And it was after working with BCG for a few years, and spending some time travelling around the world with his wife, that Wouter decided to dedicate his career to independent consulting – a career that would allow him to be flexible, work remotely, but more so, truly demonstrate his entrepreneurial spirit and creative innovation to his clients.  

“Working with consultants throughout my career, I soon got a feeling for what works, and what doesn’t work. I started to pick up on certain consulting behaviours and approaches, and all that experience has led me to become good at what I do now. I know how to effectively blend in to my client’s organisation, work with their teams and at the same time, deliver the value they need and expect from me,” he tells me.  With extensive experience within the consumer-packaged goods industry, the strategic marketing and management functions, and an acute awareness of what works and what doesn’t within the consulting world, Wouter possesses a sought-after package that many organisations look for.  “The combination of having been in mid-senior roles on the client side and the opportunity of having worked on the consultant side of things, enables me to see both sides of the coin – and enables me to establish a much quicker connection with my client,” he adds.

If you’d like to work with Wouter, then get in touch with us today to discuss your project requirements. 

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