Creating a competitive digital marketing strategy in FinTech

June 13, 2017 Rebecca Porter


The FinTech space is highly competitive, to win you need a killer digital marketing strategy. A FinTech company was preparing to launch and had identified two ideal market segments to target. The company was running a lean organisation and did not have digital marketing expertise in its setup. They needed to bring this in to create a solid go-to-market strategy and follow through the implementation of it.

Support for the small and nimble

As a small company finding the right talent was vital. That meant proven experience and knowledge of the specific market – Ukrainian expats living in Poland – were essential. With such specialist needs the company came to Talmix to help.

Why Talmix was the smarter choice?

The client had talent requirements that are difficult to find, as well as a limited timeline and budget. With over 30,000 independent consultants available from Talmix, paired with technology that gives you relevant matches instantly, it was the smartest choice for them. They were able to post their project requirement for free and identify a pool of contenders. They found and interviewed a Ukrainian expat, digital marketing expert and were up and running with the project in less than a month.

The company has since launched their service in Poland and operations are running smoothly across the region thanks to the work the Talmix consultant did on their go-to-market strategy. 

About the Author

Rebecca Porter

Rebecca is responsible for product marketing at Talmix, working with our consultant and client community to communicate the capabilities of the Talmix platform and helping the product team deliver the best experience to all our users. She's a background in the consulting industry, a passion for customer success and most importantly, unbounded enthusiasm and energy.

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