Why using a consultant to justify using consultants makes business sense

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Sometimes you need to use a consultant to justify the use of more consultancy. Stay with me here, the use of consultancy is a cost, so for it to make sense to a CFO/CEO it needs to prove that it will, at some point, add to the bottom line. It often happens that clients come to us needing to map out a case for a new piece of work that has the potential to add actual value to the company. And, once this mapping piece is done, if it succeeds in creating a proofpoint, then the project can take place. That means the need for more consultants.

Clients use Talmix for this process because it’s simple. You can find the right consultant at the right time and it is all in your hands. Because we’re confident in the quality of work our consultants produce you don’t have to go through a difficult commitment process. Taking them on for the pilot period is easy and hassle free, as is the process for extending them if the full project goes ahead.

Creating a case for a connected customer experience design in the beverages industry.

A multinational beverages company came to Talmix to find someone who could create the business case to deploy a full customer experience journey. They wanted to define the fundamentals needed to start implementing this concept across multiple countries. To do this they needed to assess the initial steps and the different levels of transformation that would be required and how much this would cost.

The company needed to justify that the initial investment in measuring customer satisfaction would be able to deliver the right return. This exploration needed to look at the different deployment scenarios - whether tackling a few pain points would deliver or whether they needed full transformation. They would do this by setting up a pilot for board approval, followed by a full roll out plan covering where to start, country priorities, timings etc.

Why is Talmix the answer?

The breadth of the talent pool you can access via Talmix means you can meet your consultant requirements easily, no matter how niche. In the case of the beverages client they needed someone who had experience defining and deploying customer journeys in FMCG, preferably beverages. They needed someone with a transformational mindset as well as a strategic view. This person needed to be able to sell in the concept of customer experience to top level management. With Talmix they could find this person and make the case with the flexibility to take the consultant on to start the deployment if successful, or not. Talmix gave the client the ability to get the right mix of talent to make the right business decision without being beholden to a long term commitment.

Take the first step to your next business improvement, post a project and find a consultant.

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