When hiring doesn’t take you high enough

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Sometimes you need specialist skills that you haven’t needed before. You might only need them for a short period of time, and maybe never again. So hiring to fill the gap is out of the question. 
Whether it is to look into a new market, assess a hot trend or implement a specialised initiative - when these projects arise it can be difficult to know how to source the right knowledge and skills. While you might know someone with some of the things you need, what happens when it gets more complex? 
When you need market knowledge
Companies need to stay agile and grow into different markets to survive. To do this swiftly you need the right expertise. But the more specific you get, the harder that specialist expertise is to find, right? Well, Talmix is here to change that. 
From Russia, with new retail offerings


A travel company was looking to increase their operational efficiency in Russia. They came to us to find someone who had an understanding both of the Russian market but also the tourism sector, so they could adapt their retail offers. The key thing they needed was an understanding of the business model, in this specific market - a request that most consultancies couldn’t fulfil.
The benefit of coming to Talmix with this kind of request is that our community of consultants is so extensive. Pair that with technology that matches relevant profiles with your projects instantly and you are on your way to finding the perfect fit. 
When you need knowledge of a specialist industry trend
You might have heard a buzzword bandied around in your sector as the next big thing, but it only really means something when you can see how it will impact your business. Could a competitor use the new trend to get ahead of you? Could exploring it open doors to a new product? When you get to this stage you need someone with detailed knowledge of the trend to explore it for you. They might not be in your little black book, but tap into a much larger talent pool and you could find them in a fraction of the time.
Using Internet of Things to get ahead


An innovation hub was set up by an energy company to fast track new business opportunities. As a new strategy started to formulate that drew on technology from the Internet of Things space, they decided they needed to find specialist expertise in this area. They came to Talmix to find a consultant with a passion for IoT who also knew the energy sector, to join them for the duration of the exploratory project. Talmix matched the client with a specialist who was able to take the initiative forward to proof of concept and beyond.

When specialist skills are hard to find and hiring is impossible come to Talmix. Post a project and find consultants with specialist expertise instantly.

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Dorothy is VP Marketing & Brand at Talmix. Passionate about the changing workforce and the future of work, she is driving market share for Talmix globally.

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