Two minutes with Orapan, a branding and marketing specialist

Nicki Burns

Orapan is a branding and marketing consultant with over 15 years’ experience in both corporate organisations and on the agency side. Promoted through multiple management positions in branding, digital marketing and communication disciplines, she has extensive experience in digital-led brand management strategy. She specialises in;

• Brand and marketing leadership with digital-led approach 

• Refined understanding of integrated marketing and digital marketing 

• Driving strategic projects within the complex multi-discipline organisation

• Engaging and building a brand focus digital mind-set within an organisation


We spoke to Orapan to learn more about her commercial experience and hear about some of her most recent projects.


Most recent project:

I recently led the process to revamp and relaunch the flagship website of a luxury hotel brand with a complicated brand structure. The project had budget limitations, complicated processes, and teams based in different continents. The website was launched on time, within budget, in line with the brand positioning, and generated higher revenue than before the revamp. It went live at the same time as the global SEO and content strategy for the brand to add relevant content for the new website.


In the last year, I have also helped several small business owners and non-profit organisation leaders to define branding and digital marketing strategies.


What makes a project successful?

You need strong management skills, good at working with teams from different backgrounds, able to listen and adapt the process to fit with the challenges, limitations and changing situations for each project. You also have to keep your eye on the final desired outcome but also know what to adapt, and when to stand your ground to ensure the end result is achieved. And one of the most important is a good team that shares the same end goal.


Most significant accomplishment:

Besides the launch of the new website as mentioned above, I was involved in a 5-year project working with a team to reposition a brand as a luxury brand. This involved internalising the new positioning, developing and implementing regional strategies, supporting with training and coaching the local team with the new positioning and seeing the brand transformed through with the management team.


Best bits of being a consultant?

I like being able to work with a broad range of organisations across several industries. You get to learn about each industry’s unique challenges and competition and to meet and work with inspiring entrepreneurs. I also love being able to see how the knowledge and skills I had developed over time can be used to help them drive businesses forward. 


Why work with an independent consultant?

I think the greatest benefit is you can work with highly skilled professionals without having to invest in full time head count. Companies also can utilise the consultant’s external and mixed industries experiences and view, which could bring in new insights and thought processes that help businesses grow or overcome challenges.


If you are interested in Orapan’s profile or consultants with similar experience, contact Talmix today and see how we can help solve your company’s business challenges. Talmix – the home of independent business talent.







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