The true importance of being process-led, but not process-bound

Why work with Peter? 30 second CV:

  • Your industry is Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Private Equity, IT
  • You need expertise in Corporate Finance, M&A, Strategy, C-Suite Level Roles, Marketing
  • You need a blend of board level line management and advisory experience

Finding a consultant that can seamlessly move from strategy development to implementation is often easier said than done. Especially when you are looking for someone who has extensive experience in the B2C and B2B worlds, someone who understands what it means to sit on the other side of the boardroom table, and most of all, someone whose international exposure translates into a winning business strategy for his clients. But not in this case. We’ve found him. And he’s Talmix consultant Peter.

A business graduate from Warwick University, Peter spent his first 20 years of his career in the corporate world, line managing teams of people for internationally successful enterprise organisations. Starting his journey off within the consumer product industry, Peter proudly showcases Johnson & Johnson, Diageo and Duracell / Gillette within his employer portfolio, whereafter he joined global consultancy firm PA Consulting Group.  “Joining the PA team, I was able to broaden my value proposition in 2 ways. I not only embarked on a journey discovering new industries by developed expertise serving financial service client-bases such as Citibank and NatWest, but I also started my journey from a marketing-focussed function towards a more corporate strategy focus which included M&A, strategic planning, product innovation and more”, he tells me. 

B2C to B2B and the FTSE 100 business

But it was a call from a head-hunter that saw Peter expand his expertise from a purely consumer product-based one, to a more strategic B2B one. Peter had the opportunity to join global information services group Experian. “It was an exciting time to join Experian. They were just about to float as a FTSE 100 business and my challenge was to head up both their marketing and business strategy to meet the demands of a true FTSE 100 business. My role was an international one, where I headed up a team of over 50 people with the intention to bring them all up to speed as a new PLC business”.  

Enjoying the information services industry, Peter also saw a part of his career with Equifax, a consumer credit reporting agency, where he was responsible for the strategic planning, M&A, new product innovation, data strategy and analytics. 

The move to independence

But it was in 2010 when Peter felt ready within his own working world, to take the leap towards an independent consulting career. “I felt that my career growth had awarded me with wonderful opportunities to understand my clients’ challenges and expectations. I had been where they are. I had hired consultants. I had battled with internal strategy challenges, and I was ready to serve them as an independent consultant”, he tells me. 

Peter is proud of 3 deliverables that all clients that work with him, receive. “With me, clients get 3 core things: commitment, results and a pragmatic approach. Those who use my services get an independent consultant who is able to focus 100% on their project. They get my full commitment and attention – a senior level consultant, who is completely dedicated at delivering results for them. Not a senior level consultant who is juggling multiple projects from afar. The results I deliver are ones based on their desired objectives. I start at the end, and work my way back. Everything that I do, ensures that I remain on track to meet my clients’ objectives. My pragmatic approach to projects is largely down to my career balance and years of experience of line management. For example I think it’s important to be process led but not process bound and flexible enough to take on fresh client demands. And I’m proud to be able to interpret my clients’ needs and implement practical strategies that  accelerate growth”

Peter’s extensive corporate background with some of the biggest global organisations sets himself up to deliver unprecedented value for the smaller to mid-sized organisations. He knows what “good” looks like in a world-class organisation, and he is able to use best practice and tailor it for smaller entrepreneurial businesses.

Collaborative consulting and global business growth

“I do miss the coffee machine conversations”, he tells me, when I ask him about life as an independent consultant. “But in this line of work, you don’t stay quiet for long”. Peter has had the pleasure to work as an independent consultant both as a team leader on larger projects, as well as part of a team in collaboration with other consulting organisations on client projects. Peter enjoys the variety of projects that independent consulting brings his way, and continues to serve international organisations, particularly US-based businesses, who are looking to expand into the UK and European markets. Having worked in Connecticut for over 2 years, Peter’s global experience allows him to support Private Equity businesses looking to expand their footprint. 

For your opportunity to take advantage of the services that Peter, and many other consultants like him, offer, speak to Talmix today about kicking off your next project. 

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Katy Roberts

Katy is an independent marketing consultant and founded Fresh Brew Marketing out of her love for the cuppa. A seasoned marketer, Katy writes for several global publications and provides outsourced marketing services to businesses throughout the UK. She is a keen geocacher and rates running around in city centres dressed in Christmas lights as one of her most successful Social Media campaigns to date.

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