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Rebecca White

The world of work is changing. More and more people are deciding to go independent, stepping out of big corporates and consultancies and plugging their talents and experience into all sorts of different projects and companies.

Talmix gives your business access to the fastest growing executive talent pool: the independent consulting workforce. The world’s largest network of vetted consultants and technology that matches your requirements to the perfect consultant, combine to bring the talent to your strategic initiatives that will deliver results faster, more efficiently and with measurable value. Businesses like Mastercard, RWE, Apcoa, Shell all use Talmix for their on demand consulting requirements.

Talmix is the home of independent business talent. 

Faster: the instant you submit your requirements to the Talmix platform, our algorithms go to work and score every consultant on our platform against your project. From there it’s all about reviewing their proposal and expertise, and you could be up and running in days.

Efficient: the Talmix process delivers only the relevant consultant profiles to you, and our people can help you to make the right decision from your shortlist. Profiles will be within budget, with the expertise you’ve requested, and available to start when you need them.

Better Value: taking full advantage of the on demand world, the Talmix platform means you’re engaging directly with consultants who know how to get the job done, have little ramp-up and onboarding requirements, and carry no overhead costs so you can quickly calculate the return on investment.

Smarter: Our process brings you talent that has blue-chip experience, top consultancy credentials, all wrapped up in the future of work: the independent consultant. We cover over 100 sectors, any strategic project type from operations to M&A, and can find the most niche expertise in the most distant regions in our network.

With the right mix of talent anything is possible

Our consultants can provide you with industry expertise, specific skills and help fulfil contingency needs. The network is made up of three key groups:

The C-Suite Exec

  • Mid 50s, extensive broad employment background, C-suite pros
  • 42% of our consultants
  • Daily rate: £900+
  • Likely to say "I want to avoid recruitment agencies, deal direct with the client and hear it from the horse's mouth"

The Manager

  • Mid 30s, investment banking, private equity, management conultancy background
  • 37% of our consultants
  • Daily rate: between £500 and £900
  • Likely to say "Being independent enables me to focus on those projects that will progress my career"

The Associate

  • Late 20s - 35, MBA graduates, entrepreneurs
  • 21% of our consultants
  • Daily rate: between £200 and £500
  • Likely to say "I work for start ups and small businesses to get the necessary experience to progress"

Unlock the power of the independent workforce

Using Talmix is a smarter choice for you, for your project, and for your business. It's a fast, easy to use way to go beyond the little black book and tap into the experience of a wide group of business brains. It's why we're used by businesses globally for everything from 1 day assignments to long term projects and interim placements. Welcome to a pioneering new way to power up your business.

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About the Author

Rebecca White

As Marketing Campaigns Manager at Talmix, Becca is focused on helping potential and existing customers understand how Talmix can help them unlock the power of the world's independent workforce. She strives to create killer content marketing, telling the stories of our customers' success.

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