The 5 ways mixing talent can transform your change project

Most companies will go through change projects or major transformations every few years. These initiatives can be challenging to plan and deliver across teams and systems. Most executive teams and strategy leads will consider bringing in external help to manage this.

Accelerate change projects faster with the independent workforce. Here are 5 ways that using Talmix to get the right mix of talent could work for you:


1.    A different way of looking at things 

We all know that when you are incredibly close to a project it is hard to maintain an overview that focuses on the core issues. An independent strategy consultant can help provide an external view on what change is needed and how that should be implemented. Mixing it up with a Talmix consultant means you won't get the same external analysis or the same outcomes.

2.    Provide an impartial negotiation of company politics

Bringing in an independent to manage the change is a smart choice as they will not be involved nor be drawn into existing company politics. The independent consultants on the Talmix platform have been trained to focus on the project and deliver on transformation goals. They are motivated by resolution of problems, not the extension of them.

3.    Experience in managing change well 

Hiring an independent consultant means bringing someone in who is trained in the top methods and practices for running change initiatives. Sourcing them from Talmix means that you can use them for their tested expertise in delivery, for the exact period you need them for.

4.    Speed of delivery 

An independent is motivated to get the project moving and finished on time, they are working to your company's objectives, not the objectives of a firm. With Talmix the consultants propose for and take on the projects that they want to do, so their motivation to deliver with speed is high. 

5.    Fresh talent

At Talmix you can find a consultant that fits the needs of your company and specific project. With a network of over 27,000 consultants filtered by a matching algorithm and a team of specialists we go big to get down to a smaller pool of talent tailored to your exact needs.

Are you working on a change project that you need help with? Post your project now or read our strategy project buying guide for some advice on putting your brief together and shortlisting consultants.

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Dorothy is VP Marketing & Brand at Talmix. Passionate about the changing workforce and the future of work, she is driving market share for Talmix globally.

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