Talmix 2018 Highlights

It's been a record-breaking year for Talmix as we continue to build on our vision of creating better ways to connect to global talent.

Here are some of our 2018 highlights:

Global Reach 
This year we've run projects in 50 different countries, supported by talent from 171 countries. This unparalleled global reach means we're happy to respond to your challenge to grow your business in any region.

Connecting faster than ever
Increasing our network, and introducing additional data points (like soft skills feedback) creates more connections to  matching talent when requirements are posted. The speed to connect is coming down - 50% of our clients have connected with the talent they ultimately select within 24 hours. And our aim is to make that 70% in 2019 as as we continue to invest in our matching algorithms.

Customer Convenience
The experience of connecting to the talent you need, quickly, means that more of you are making Talmix central to your strategic workforce plans. Launching company-wide talent views and team-based requirements this year made it easier than ever for you and your colleagues to use Talmix. Our largest clients now have over 100 users sourcing talent for their projects, interim and full-time hires.

Talent Intelligence
Our long-term vision is to use Talmix data to predict your talent requirements and connect you instantly with the right mix of talent. We've started this journey in 2018 with our first global talent barometer, rate cards by industry, function and region, and insights into high-demand skills to support our clients' decision-making. We also launched a beta version of a new algorithm to automatically identify similar talent to that selected by a client.

Awards and Accolades

2018 has been the most successful year to date at Talmix - record project bookings, record number of projects (and in a record number of regions) and record revenues (and there's still time for more!).

And industry recognition has followed:  

All that remains is for me to thank all of our customers, the talent on our network, and stakeholders worldwide  for making this such a great time to be leading the change in Talent Acquisition, send you Season's Greetings and our best wishes for a successful 2019. Enjoy the celebrations!

About the Author

Sandeep Dhillon

Sandeep came to Talmix with a background in consulting and finance and used this international experience to build and grow our commercial operations. He became CEO in June 2018 with a commitment to drive the next stage of growth and success and make Talmix the best solution for talent acquisition.

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