Our journey so far

From fresh MBAs to the right mix of talent: our journey so far

Cast your mind back to 2009. A hotel was your holiday accommodation of choice. You hailed a cab. You phoned your local takeaway and collected your order. You probably didn’t spend your commute watching videos on your phone.

Since then our world has changed massively. And one of the biggest trends has been the advent of on demand.

About half of the worldwide adult population owned a smartphone in 2015, the impact of this it that we are all now used to the sharing economy where everything is available and little is owned.* 

Back in 2009, we didn’t know what was to come. Yet MBA & Company made an audacious move: it was going to create an on demand offering in the world of talent.

There had always been freelancers, but the independent movement wasn’t really established. Brave souls that we were, we foresaw a trend that the world of work was about to change, and it would be a change that would have particular impact in strategic operations. 

Initially we saw that young professionals who had started their fast track careers, gone on to a mid-career MBA, decided that they wanted to explore more opportunities. The chance to work on their own business ideas. The opportunity to pursue crazy challenges. But to back this with continuing to use their expertise when business could call on them. The mix of traditional and new roles combined into one independent consultant.

We created a marketplace for them to showcase their talent and opened up their skills to businesses who wanted the brightest brains, but not necessarily wrapped up in the big brand consultancies. As the world was moving on demand, agility and nimbleness were the watchwords.

The audacious idea was starting to take hold: the talent pool was growing and business wanted more of it. It wasn’t small business either – an early client was one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers who wanted a mix of expertise across multiple regions. And our flexibility, our on demand approach could deliver this service in a way that was more efficient for the business, yet without losing quality.

We saw more senior executives move to independent working. Not just millennials. In 2015 we predicted that there would be over a million independent workers with professional and management experience from consulting and business: the tip of the oft-cited 34% of all workers being freelance. The human cloud became a reality...

But it’s not just about the quality of the talent. There are plenty of great recruitment models and firms out there. To really tap into the power of this workforce, it needs, like all the leading on demand providers, to be driven by technology. Workforce platforms are underpinning the move to independence to the extent that they are predicted to form the basis of an industry contributing $2.7 trillion to global GDP by 2025.

And that’s how our growth has been achieved so far. Driven by the quality of the independent workforce, and the online network that we have built. Powered by the technology that can allow a firm to discover the best match for their requirements, and hire the consultant online. Managed by a team that understands the challenges of moving to independent working.

Deloitte recently commented that “There is no simple formula to help companies figure out the optimal mix of talent, skills, and type of worker. Resolving this challenge remains a dream for the future, but that does not relieve organizations of the responsibility to understand and take control of this trend.”

With the right mix of talent, anything is possible. And as MBA & Co today becomes Talmix, we are sure that it’s not long before that business challenge is resolved. It may not be a simple formula but we’ve cracked it. And we’re looking forward to seeing more businesses unlock the power of the independent workforce, and welcoming everyone to the home of independent business talent.

Talmix is the home of independent business talent, find out how it works and if we can help with your next assignment. 

*Economist - Smartphones Ubiquitous addictive and Transformative Planet Phones 

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Dorothy is a technology marketing veteran who is responsible for building the Talmix brand globally and creating digital programmes to engage and retain our audiences.

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