Mastering the art of the talent search in a new world of work

When it comes to driving business success, Oliver Luscombe understands the importance of a strong and enabled talent pool. A stalwart in the recruitment industry, Talmix’s Head of Talent Acquisition has, for over 15 years, been driving business growth for the organisations he has served, which have included the likes of Ernst & Young, PWC, and more recently RMS, the world’s leading catastrophe risk modelling company. And it hasn’t only been within the professional services industry where Oliver has shown his worth. 

Having completed his Business Management degree from the University of Gloucestershire, Oliver has always been a keen sportsman and community supporter. Having volunteered with several charitable organisations like Thames 21 and Kids Company and raising £7,500 for the Prostate Project Cancer Charity through a paddle down the mighty Zambezi river, Oliver’s passion to engage in activity which empowers and sustains long-term development has meant that the initiatives he has worked with, have been equipped with the skills they need to meet their goals, and deliver results. 

And it comes as no surprise when Oliver is described by his past colleagues as a team player, someone who is hugely knowledgeable, who demonstrates exceptional integrity and has a high commitment to excellence. 

Being a 5 times winner of the Talent Board’s CandE Awards, the first non-profit organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience, Oliver has truly demonstrated his expertise as an International Talent Leader with a “wide range of agency, outsourced and in-house head-hunting experience, recruiting across multiple industries, tech and non-tech mandates & territories”, he mentions, and it’s his responsibility to “define, attract, assess, nurture and retain great talent,” he says. 

So, whether you are sitting on the side of the boardroom table that is searching for new talent, or whether you are the talent being searched for occupying a seat on the opposite side of the table, one thing is certain, and that is that having Oliver on your side is a true business investment that not only leads to success, but continuous business-delivery results. 

To learn more about the optimisation of the talent search, and mastering the art of the interview, join Oliver on our next Live Broadcast on Tuesday 4 April, 16:30 GMT, where he will be sharing his insight on interview tips and techniques, both from an organisational as well as an individual candidate’s point of view, that will help to guarantee candidate success.     

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