How this telco used regional knowledge to complete an offshoring project in Asia

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An enterprise division of a major telecommunications company needed to implement a new global delivery model. This included a selection of outsourced and offshore providers, with whom they needed to manage the negotiations and migration exercise. They needed a senior expert who had market experience in India and could manage the outsourced contracting, negotiations and transition planning efforts, in a B2B space.
Finding talent with local knowledge
Meet John, a management consultant with over 15 years of experience in the telecommunications sector. Having created business structures, processes and workflows for roll outs across EMEA and APAC, as well as extensive exposure to commercial contracts for IT and BPO outsourcing in India, he was perfect for this assignment.
John matched the requirements of this project, he was also able and willing to live out of Singapore for 6 months. The client agreed and our customer success team ensured his on-boarding with the company was fast and efficient. 
Why was Talmix the smarter choice?
The mix of fast technology and the large network they could access with Talmix meant that the telco could find and connect with a selection of consultants who matched the requirements – and choose the one that worked for them. The advantage of this approach for this client was: 

  • The availability of regional expertise, matched with the outsourcing skills that the client needed.
  • A swift turnaround and confirmation of the consultant so that on-boarding could begin.
  • The quality of the consultant’s expertise in negotiations, managing roll outs and experience in the sector.

At Talmix, we believe with the right mix of talent, anything is possible. This telecommunications company was able to find the specialist skills and regional knowledge they needed to get their outsourcing project executed with speed and efficiency.

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