How this company augmented their team to accelerate new market acquisitions

Rebecca Porter

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A bid management company were looking to launch their training programmes in two new markets – the UK and US. To start this new initiative they needed to create a business plan containing detailed analysis of the markets and a roadmap for execution. But as a medium sized business their existing teams were already operating at capacity. They needed to augment their in-house resource with an experienced consultant who could accelerate the product launch. 

Extending and improving their team

The client came to Talmix to look for external talent to support them in this process. They were looking for someone who could draw on real experiences and develop their product idea – preparing it for launch.

Why Talmix was the smarter choice?

With Talmix the client was able to source a shortlist of consultants who not only matched the level of experience and expertise held in the in-house team, but also had detailed knowledge of the markets they planned to expand into. The client chose an ex-Deloitte consultant, bringing in a level of consulting expertise they would not have had the resources to access through a traditional consultancy route. 

The client was asked to rate the experience of working with the consultant out of 10... and they rated it as 10/10. 

About the Author

Rebecca Porter

Rebecca is responsible for product marketing at Talmix, working with our consultant and client community to communicate the capabilities of the Talmix platform and helping the product team deliver the best experience to all our users. She's a background in the consulting industry, a passion for customer success and most importantly, unbounded enthusiasm and energy.

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