How this ambitious online supplier achieved operational efficiency

Companies come to Talmix to achieve results. Growth can be a turbulent time and creating operational efficiency, while building towards ambitious goals is a challenge where many falter. An online supplier of veterinary medication and animal products needed to prepare operations for an expected period of growth - they came to Talmix to help them get there. 

Locating the methodology for efficient growth

Their problem was twofold – they needed to understand the current set-up of their operations, provide an audit on this and make recommendations for improvements. Secondly, they needed to understand the scalability of their ambitions. Their growth strategy was focused on an aggressive takeover of the UK market over 12 months. They needed to understand how operations would cope with a 60% increase in revenues.

There were a lot of questions that their internal teams couldn’t answer – did their current workforce and systems have the capacity to cover the increase in work, would their locations be appropriate and what would the timeframes and costs be. To deliver the strategy they needed to apply a consulting methodology. They didn’t need a full team of consultants but had specific requirements for someone who had experience in pharmacy distribution, warehouse operations, call centre management and fulfilment. 

Why Talmix was the smarter choice?

The quality of the consultants the client found at Talmix meant that they quickly found the one that fitted their needs exactly. The turnaround from posting the project to hiring took just 12 days which meant they could stick to their tight deadline. Most importantly the client was extremely happy with the consultant who went above and beyond to deliver a plan that worked for the company.

About the Author

Dorothy is VP Marketing & Brand at Talmix. Passionate about the changing workforce and the future of work, she is driving market share for Talmix globally.

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