How regional expertise progressed this retail company’s market entry

New markets

A European wide retail company was looking to expand their brand and stores across Italy and Switzerland. They needed someone with an understanding of retail channels and customer behaviour, plus market experience in the two new geographies. They came to Talmix to find someone with the right market analysis skills and regional knowledge.

Finding specialist regional talent

Meet Tatjana, she is a project manager with 14 years of experience in retail businesses internationally. With deep knowledge of a variety of European markets and advanced language skills she was an ideal candidate for this project. While working as an independent consultant she has developed her market analysis skills – especially around conducting surveys, setting up business and project plans and supporting management during decision making.

Tatjana matched the requirements of this project, the client agreed and our customer success team ensured her on-boarding with the company was smooth and quick. 

Why Talmix was the smarter choice

The mix of fast technology and the large network they could access with Talmix meant that the company could find and connect with a selection of consultants who matched the requirements – and choose the one that worked for them. The advantage of this approach for this client was: 

  • The availability of regional expertise for the specific geographies that the client needed.
  • A swift turnaround and confirmation of the consultant so that on-boarding could begin.
  • The quality of the consultant’s expertise in project management and experience in the sector.


At Talmix, we believe with the right mix of talent, anything is possible. This retail company was able to find the specialist skills and regional knowledge they needed to get their next expansion mapped out with clarity and precision.

About the Author

Dorothy is VP Marketing & Brand at Talmix. Passionate about the changing workforce and the future of work, she is driving market share for Talmix globally.

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