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Finding the best talent, on-demand, is not always easy, except of course if you’re already a user of the Talmix home of independent talent. And when it comes business strategy and transformation, keeping ahead of the Jones’ has never been more critical within our economy. 
So, when it comes to finding the best, Talmix is the answer you’re looking for. Here are 7 consultants you need right now. 
1. Digital Transformation Expert
Yogesh is a qualified chemical engineer and is passionate about helping his clients achieve business transformation for growth. His focus is to become the solution architect to a problem and is incredibly proud of the way that he helps his clients develop a new understanding and approach to the way things work, but he is even prouder of his ability to implement the transformation strategy and works with all relevant teams to achieve business success. For him, designing a solution is only 20% of the effort; the greater success lies in the implementation of transformational programs to achieve the results his clients are after. 
2. Digital Strategy Focus
Helping companies find paths to long-term growth is at the heart of what Kia loves to do. And whether she’s serving as an interim C-Suite leader, or advising on Change Management, or building and implementing a new digital strategy for an organisation, Kia’s can-do attitude has seen her deliver huge digital and business development wins for her clients. Passionate about corporate strategy, Kia combines a laser-focussed business strategy with her drive to enable and develop her customer. 
3. IOT Strategy Expert
Stephen is a data driven leader who works with clients to deeply understand the opportunity and identify potential solutions. He has worked in software, luxury goods and retail to name a few sectors. His work through Talmix has led him to using his results-driven approach in the internet of things space for a manufacturing company. As a practical and hands on consultant he is able to turn his hand to any new trend and build a strategy that is commercially viable.
4. Digital Analytics Expert
Richard is no stranger when it comes to the Digital and Analytical worlds. Richard is passionate about empowering his clients to be able to recognise opportunity and move forward in the right direction that makes sense for their business. Working within a digital environment is something that Richard feels very strongly about. Helping organisations embrace a new digital way of working that builds on their own success is one of the fundamentals to business success – regardless of the industry or market they’re in.  
5. Change Management Know-How
Tim believes that there is no more important partnership that exists between those who manage the human capital and those who manage the business it supports. With extensive experience in HR and L&D, Tim has led teams that have not only facilitated and implemented change management for organisations, but been instrumental in massive organisational turnarounds towards revenue success.  
Tim understands the demands that businesses face in order to adapt – and his agility at being able to pick up and get to work helps them successfully face change, and adapt to a more successful way of working. 
6. Digital Marketing Expertise
From Engineering to Marketing to Business Growth, Stefano is no stranger to Digital Strategy. With expertise in commercial and growth strategies, Stefano’s extensive experience in the crowdfunding and commercial development fields have seen many of his clients excel at his Marketing and Business Development Strategy expertise. Clients work with Stefano to help them identify the right business targets, client-base, sales and marketing channels and to structure the most appropriate business proposition that ensures business growth and a digital focus that supports it. 
7. AI Strategy Expert
Kajal is a strategic growth advisor in the artificial intelligence space. As an entrepreneurial thinker and experienced business growth consultant with over 13 years of experience she is ideally placed to help businesses understand how they can harness the power of artificial intelligence to grow their company.

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