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From Intellectual Property to Patents, M&A to Private Equity, when it comes to strategic consulting, Scott has done most of it. But when it comes to High Tech and Life Sciences, that’s where Talmix independent consultant Scott really excels. We speak to him about the marrying of data analytics to the capability of the devices themselves, how he brings objectivity to an ever-changing industry as an unbiased outsider who is there to deliver results, and why organisations are embracing independent talent in order to compete, and rise above the rest. 


The early beginnings of Great Scott things

I started my career in banking,” Scott tells me. A MBA graduate from the prestigious Kellogg School of Management as well as a graduate in Politics, Economics, Rhetoric & Law from the University of Chicago, Scott’s career has seen him work with globally recognised brands, and provide financial advisory and consulting services to a wide range of industry, and business, types.   While holding down a full-time banking job based in Chicago and Zurich, Scott pursued a MBA in the evenings. Not being one to stand still for very long, Scott’s desire to broaden out his expertise and delivery expanded into general management and consulting which saw him work with the likes of AT Kearney and the Concours Group that specialise in critical business concerns like transition management, corporate compliance and fiduciary services.  It was while Scott was here that he developed an affinity for the tech world and soon started to specialise in tech strategy, innovation and the e-commerce worlds, and ultimately the life sciences industry.  Scott has also successfully completed over 35 due diligence projects for private equity and corporate M&A clients. Enjoying the flexibility and freedom that independent consulting afforded Scott, he decided to pursue this as a career path. 


Why Tech and Life Science?

I find both of these industries incredibly exciting. Throughout my career, I’ve been acutely involved in bringing new tech to market, developing sales strategies, and been involved in negotiation, marketing and due diligence activity for corporate M&A and PE firms. In this space (particularly with due diligence projects), time is of the essence – and if you don’t act fast, you lose out. That’s what I enjoy most. What you’re going to see, certainly sooner in the High Tech market, is the marrying of data analytics (whether in medical devices, assessment and diagnostics, tracking or monitoring) and the capability of the devices themselves. The use of data in the development of product lines and the analytics of how they behave and what they record, once they’re on the market, will become symbiotic, forming future development iterations and plans for progression,” he tells me. 

What are they up against?

I think organisations all over the world are facing severe pressures of changing business models where everyone is moving to ‘X-As-A-Service’,” he tells me. “The landscape is changing drastically, the market is becoming fluid and those who, as little as 4 years ago would have been considered market challengers like the Teslas and Facebooks of this world, today find themselves leading their industries. And in this ever-changing market, finding a balance is critical. I’m pragmatic – but at the same time, innovative. You have to be – to remain agile and change-ready,” he adds. And in this market, the challenge for organisations is to integrate this ever-changing business model into their own organisation – bringing together innovation and practicality in order to take a stronger market share. And that’s where Scott helps. By helping organisations capture this value directly. 

The Life Sciences world tends to move a little slower. But they’re also up against changing markets. You may not be capturing the market as soon as possible, but like any other business, you need to be aware that change is coming, and will be affecting your business before you know it, and unfortunately, the speed at which this change is approaching the Life Sciences market is quickening – and businesses who are not yet ready, are at risk of being caught out.  Take the automotive industry, for example. Where purchase models are moving from ownership to subscription (look at this Porsche on-demand subscription model), companies are moving towards capability and access to transport, as opposed to traditional ownership models,” he tells me.   


Why independent talent and why Scott?

Scott tells me that the life sciences industry is making use of independent talent so that they can better match their talent needs with where they are in the lifecycle of their product.  They are moving from traditional contract research organisations towards specialist skill acquisition – regardless of where they are in the cycle. They bring in talent when it’s needed. Echoing the sentiment from so many of our independent talent whose clients are doing the same thing. For the private equity world, clients move at a fast pace and need to have access to a pool of consulting talent who can respond – and deliver – quickly so they (the PE bidders) can meet their aggressive deal timelines.

Scott is knowledgeable and has the expertise that many of his clients are after. But what makes Scott different is his pragmatic approach to delivery, coupled to his insight on the subject matter. Able to advise, and deliver, is critical to any client. He brings innovation to market for his clients and his experience in knowing how to capture data correctly, working through approval processes, pricing models, business strategies and more, enables him to relate immediately to what the client needs, and deliver what they expect, and more.  Scott fits seamlessly into any organisation, but is a force of an independent team that brings objectivity and unbiased approaches to business challenges. 


If you are ready to take advantage of the skills that Scott offers, it’s time to talk to us about your business challenge. 


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Katy Roberts

Katy is an independent marketing consultant and founded Fresh Brew Marketing out of her love for the cuppa. A seasoned marketer, Katy writes for several global publications and provides outsourced marketing services to businesses throughout the UK. She is a keen geocacher and rates running around in city centres dressed in Christmas lights as one of her most successful Social Media campaigns to date.

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