Getting your workforce fit for now, and ready for tomorrow.

The talent landscape is changing. That we know. But how you address the change requires a tailored approach that suits your business, and more importantly, your business strategy.  In a recent study conducted by Randstad, it was found that “85% of respondents believed that an integrated talent management approach in which workforce planning encompasses all types of talent, permanent and contingent alike, will enhance the resources their businesses need to drive growth.”  

So, just how ready are you, and more importantly, your workforce for a new digital working world – one that requires agility, adaptability and a willing acceptance to change?

So how fit is your existing workforce to adapt to a new digital age of working, and more importantly, a more fluid talent pool of contingent expertise available to you as and when you need it?

The two biggest challenges facing Talent managers today is a serious lack of highly-qualified, skilled people who are able to bring diversity, ability and specialism to businesses, and the other is the changing face of the Job For Life metaphor where individuals commit to long-term careers at individual organisations. So how do business leaders navigate their business strategy to achieve their goals, when they have a workforce that is constantly changing, and lacking in the required skill to get them there?

The answer is simple: the new generation of HR needs to be well versed in a broad range of HR-related topics, and more specifically, the talent landscape that a digital future of work brings. This includes the need for contingent, on demand skill, talent and team agility to ebb and flow with the business demands as they arrive,  and an open-minded approach to embracing the new world of work. 

Mika Nash, academic dean for Champlain College Online’s Continuing Professional Studies division, in a recent discussion said, “The modern human resources professional needs to know how to design a workplace culture, how to engage workers and cultivate leadership and coaching approaches that empower employees to respond effectively to work problems, and to grow and think different about their work”. 

And when it came to the generation of people entering the workforce today, Mika also added that “These people are well-acquainted with the speed of change and ambiguity in ways their predecessors may not be. Companies would be remiss to cling to antiquated human resources practice”

If you need to understand how the new world of work works, and how Talmix can give you the talent power you need to face tomorrow, give us a call. 



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