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Svetlana Glazrina

Following back-to-back years of recession in Russia, it wouldn’t take long for you to uncover hopeful, cautiously optimistic opinions of Russia’s economy and development. In fact, just before Christmas, it appeared that the Russian Ministry of Economic Development revised its outlook for industrial production in 2016 to 1% compared to the previous 0.4%. Russia's Finance Minister Anton Siluanov even went as far as to predict that the economy could surprise in 2017 by accelerating growth to 1.5%. We speak to Russian Talmix independent consultant Svetlana, about her experiences of leaving her full-time job to pursue an independent career in an exciting new time for Russia. 

“My life has always been a very active one – spending a large part of it living in Dubai. But it was my decision to return to Russia in order to study. I was looking for an opportunity to learn something new and expand my own knowledge, which resulted in me studying Innovation Management at the Saint Petersburg State University”, she tells me. Svetlana is a soft-spoken, highly-articulate individual who focusses her attention on applying her years of experience in the economic and financial worlds, to grow and develop start-up businesses in Russia. 

The Formative Years

“I suppose Innovation, and finding new ways of doing things, has always been in my blood. When I chose to study Innovation Management, I had no idea how much it would influence the career path that lay before me.”  But it was her time at PwC in Saint Petersburg, that truly gave her the foundation for what she needed to be able to do herself. Having developed expertise like risk management, mergers & acquisitions, market-related consulting methods and more, Svetlana soon fine-tuned her ability to analyse and decipher data into meaningful business strategies and project approaches, which set her up for success as an independent consultant. 

The Power of a Network

Having worked independently for just over a year now, Svetlana is proud of the strength of her existing, and constantly developing network. “Most of my project opportunities come in through people who know me. They trust me, and more so, they know that I will get the job done to the standard that their clients expect”.  And it would appear that Svetlana has, in just over a year, identified the secret weapon that so many of her peers consider to be their most treasured tool in succeeding at independent working life – a strong and trustworthy network that delivers on opportunity and organically grows. 

Making the change

Svetlana tells me that the moment she decided to leave a full-time job to pursue a new direction, she was ready for it. “I was secure in knowing that I had enough projects on the horizon that would allow me to work when I wanted to, and when I needed to, and still allowed me the flexibility and freedom to travel. I knew that a new independent life was perfect for me – it wouldn’t limit my personal aspirations. Having been used to working on consulting projects already, the growth towards a project-based career was organic. I felt ready to move into something that I knew so well already.”

I ask Svetlana about her hopes for the future, and the economy of Russia, and her thoughts beautifully summarise the essence of this new way of working. “Any economy shouldn’t be built only around business. Organisations forget that knowledge doesn’t lie within the 4 walls of a company, but rather, the individuals that make that business what it is. The same goes for any economy – whether it be Russia’s or anywhere else in the world. The strength of an economy is only as strong as the knowledge of the people who serve it. It shouldn’t be obligatory to work with business, but rather, economies should be built around the expertise and knowledge held by individuals who are ready to work.”

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