Fortune favours the bold: Why the brave win at transformation

Rebecca White

Every digital transformation initiative is a risk. But taking risks is important if you want to win in a competitive market. Talmix consultant Jonathan believes that taking bold ideas and creating innovative strategies out of them is the way to succeed in a digital world. But you need the right skills in place to make those ideas into working transformations.

Jonathan has worked across a wide range of consumer and retail sectors, including FMCG, drinks, durables, travel, automotive and services for over 20 years. Over that time he has witnessed these sectors transform into customer-focused, digital companies. But that change is not yet complete, “I think the biggest area of change in strategy has been the realisation of many companies and brands that although they professed to be customer centric, they actually were not and, they need to become more customer oriented, both short and long term," he tells us.

To be able to achieve this, the way that digital transformation strategies are being developed has had to change. Jonathan sees the shift as "the need for simplification and focus rather than a tendency towards complexity.” And, this seems to be the key to coming up with a strategy that can be implemented successfully.

It is all about achieving your business goals

Working as a consultant on digital transformations can be challenging as you have to transform people’s minds as much as you have to transform processes and products. You have to keep people focused on the business reasons for doing it in the first place. “The challenge is a combination of getting people to think differently, getting them to think brand and customer, and at the same time avoiding the problem with many digital specialists - everything is totally different with digital. Digital is now fundamental to every business but it should all start from the perspective of a business strategy.”

Keeping it relevant: How to avoid a common pitfall of digitisation

Staying on track during these programmes can be trickier than it sounds. Jonathan is skilled in using his consulting methodologies, alongside his knowledge of digital and the sectors he has worked in to make sure that his projects don't veer off track and hit the goal. "One client, who is not alone, struggled to create a vision for the business and was fixated with digital as an abstract concept. I helped them develop a brand, customer and marketing strategy that fully utilised the digital opportunities in a relevant manner, which successfully grounded and brought to life the digital transformation."

Why work with Jonathan?

With Jonathan you will get an approach that is always honest and tells it as it is - applying his experience across many sectors, to provide simple and relevant strategies that will benefit the customer and the brand. 

For your opportunity to tap into Jonathan’s skills and insight, get in touch with your Talmix representative today. 

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