Christmas party fever - all over the world .

It's that time of year - high streets and homes are starting to glitter and sparkle with tinsel and Christmas lights, Bubbly and Fizz replace summer ciders and BBQ equipment and our attention turns to Festive Season Festivities. 

And for us, it's no different. Talmix is proud to be able to host a Christmas get-together for consultants in each of our global Talmix hubs - and if you're lucky enough to find yourself in one of these cities over the next few weeks, and you'd like to get to know the faces behind the brand, then you need to register your attendance today - and save your glass of Bubbly before someone else snaps it up.  Attendance is free - but you need to book your space as places are limited. 

In Singapore,  we'll be holding our Christmas drinks get-together at the  Lantern Rooftop Bar at the Fullerton Bay Hotel on Tuesday 5 December    from 18:30 - 21:00.  Make sure your register your place here


In Germany, you can find us in the fabulous Dusseldorf. Join us at the Riva  Bar & Restaurant on Tuesday 5 December from 18:30 - 20:00. Make sure you register for the event here 



In the US, you can find us in San Francisco and join us at the S&R Lounge at Hotel Zetta on 5th Street.  For further details and to book your place, click  here. 


In the UK, you can find is in the glorious city of London at the Balls Brothers Restaurant in Mark Lane, East London, on Tuesday 5 December.  Don't miss out on being   part of this, so reserve your spot now


Our teams, all over the world, look forward to meeting you.  So, reserve your place today. 


About the Author

Katy Roberts

Katy is an independent marketing consultant and founded Fresh Brew Marketing out of her love for the cuppa. A seasoned marketer, Katy writes for several global publications and provides outsourced marketing services to businesses throughout the UK. She is a keen geocacher and rates running around in city centres dressed in Christmas lights as one of her most successful Social Media campaigns to date.

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