Bridging cultures, failure and the true definition of adding value as an independent consultant

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Matteo Pivetta

“Becoming an independent consultant has had a profound effect on my life”, says Talmix consultant Matteo. A qualified Management Engineer and an MBA obtained from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Matteo shares his thoughts on bridging cultures, failure and the true definition of adding value as an independent consultant. 

“After graduating, and starting my career with the prestigious illycaffè, I very quickly realised that the corporate world was far too mechanical for me. I wanted variety. I wanted to be challenged. I wanted excitement. So, I started doing what most graduates at the time did, and gravitated towards the big names in consulting. During this process, I was lucky enough to meet fellow consultants who were already making use of consulting platforms, and that’s how I discovered my love for consulting, and joined the Fair Play Consulting team”, he tells me. Fair Play Consulting provides companies with strategic and operational support to help them develop revenues, market shares, margins and more, and Matteo is proud to be employed by them to provide consulting services to new customers. 

Anything but a one-trick pony 

In 2014 Matteo realised his dream of completing his full-time MBA from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. But not being one to just focus on developing himself, Matteo was also, at the same time, tasked with setting up and opening a new Fair Play Consulting branch in Hong Kong. “It was not an easy time – but a very rewarding one – and one that I’m incredibly proud of. I had to source local partners, without any major investment, and convince them to invest in a new opportunity and joint venture with us”, he tells me. A true Italian at heart, Matteo believes that the success of any new venture starts with building relationships, and so he focussed on doing just that and crossing the cultural divide with the new business partners he was getting to know in the Far East. “For the Chinese culture, especially in Hong Kong, I very quickly learnt that everything is linked to results. So being able to demonstrate value, in a short space of time, became my sole focus – both online and physically. The fact that I was able to successfully complete my duty, is something that I will always be incredibly proud of”

You’re not just a number in an oversized corporate world

What Matteo loves about the consulting world is the variety of challenges it brings. “Being a consultant, I believe that you are naturally curious about doing things differently, achieving success and finding ways to work with what you have to deliver that. I am part of a project, but more so, my team and my clients rely on me to deliver – not the business name, or brand, or function, or anonymous role – but me as an individual. And as much as they rely on me, I rely on them too – all for the sake of delivering results”

Matteo shares more of his journey that has led to independent consulting – and he muses on the times when things didn’t completely go according to plan. “Failing at something is part of life’s process. I don’t like to fail. Nobody does. But I accept that there will be times where we as individual may get things less than perfect. I accept this because failure is learning, and learning is an important part of our job. You can grow only if you learn, so sometimes you need to fail. The most important lessons in my life, I’ve learnt because of failure – whether it was my own, or someone else’s. After a few years, it’s the lesson that remains long after the failure has happened. And with that lesson in place, you are so much stronger and so much more attuned to being able to deliver even better than before.” 

Understanding what “Adding Value” really means

Matteo is a strong believer in understanding where he as an individual, or as part of a team, can truly add value. “Adding value is something that requires empathy and insight – every project is different. Every client is different. So, you cannot simply think that you’ll deliver a strategy that can be copied and pasted for projects to come”. Matteo has a passion for analysis of data. He is naturally inquisitive and enjoys finding new solutions to analyse, new business intelligence to uncover. It is because of this, that many of his clients’ value Matteo’s approach – and whether they’re lagging behind in being able to understand what their data tells them, or whether they need a consultant who positions himself at the crossroads of different functions providing traffic flow services to enable process, change and growth, or whether they are simply looking for someone who can support a new initiative or project through his Italian culture, language and experiences globally. Adding value is understanding what the client wants, and then selecting the part of you that works with them, to satisfy that. 

Matteo is proud to be a man of integrity who stands by his word. “The most important thing to me personally, is being true to what I commit. I am loyal, and my personal ethical code is the foundation of all clients that I serve.”  

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