Accelerating towards business improvement

Rebecca White

Sometimes you have all the elements you need to make an initiative work but you lack the methodology to communicate it. A major transport group came to Talmix to find someone who could create a framework to manage and present an existing package of business improvement and innovation activity.

They needed a consultant who understood the challenges of complex groups and could support the strategy by analyzing data and presenting to shareholders. With a lot of areas in development they needed a consultant to bring them all together and align them with their business goals. 

Talent that takes you where you need to go

The company knew where they needed to go. Their Talmix consultant was the vehicle they needed to get them there. We matched them with John, an experienced change manager and operations optimisation expert. He was able to overlay a simple framework and structure to help present their improvement and efficiency activity coherently. 

Why was Talmix the smarter choice?

Talmix offered them a flexible way of bringing in the methodology to make sense of the complex workings of their business. This meant they could present it to important shareholders and group members with clarity. By working with independent talent on this initiative they could tap into a wealth of experience in outlining similar frameworks without bringing this skill entirely in-house or engaging a full consulting team to do it. As a result of this they demonstrated their progress towards the group’s goals and got the buy in from these key stakeholders.

About the Author

Rebecca White

As Marketing Campaigns Manager at Talmix, Becca is focused on helping potential and existing customers understand how Talmix can help them unlock the power of the world's independent workforce. She strives to create killer content marketing, telling the stories of our customers' success.

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