A Head of Delivery, delivering ahead

Charlotte Bohlman, Head of Delivery at Talmix, knows what it means to get things done. Not shying away from matching the right talent with the right opportunity, Charlotte talks to us about her experience within talent acquisition and the career path that has led her to deliver the best experience for Talmix clients and independent consultants.

After graduating from University, Charlotte realised that her career footing would be found in recruitment and so joined a graduate scheme program being run through a larger, well-known recruitment agency. Successfully working her way through the scheme, Charlotte soon discovered that her natural talent meant that she would be able to develop her acquisition skills even more and worked as an in-house talent acquisition expert. For 18 months, Charlotte developed as a management consultant running the recruitment operations for the UK business.

Growth of a Far Eastern talent pool

Charlotte’s innate desire to grow in her field, and develop working with various cultures and industries never ceased, and eventually led her across the globe to the Far East where she was quickly snapped up by a leading Singapore-based commodities organisation and she joined their recruitment team. It wasn’t long before Charlotte was asked to run specialist campus recruitment and manage talent development programs for the whole of South East Asia, where she had the opportunity to travel to and work with a number of candidates and organisations in India, Vietnam and Indonesia.

“I think the defining moment of my career so far was when I was based in Asia, running campus recruitment programs across India, Indonesia and Vietnam. Learning how to adapt to your audience, not assume anything, and keeping an open mind to an approach different to what you’re used to were all so crucial for success. Some of these I only figured out upon reflection once I’d started the project, and it was huge learning curve! It made me appreciate the world’s markets individually, and lean on others for support when I needed it”, she told us.

Accenting with Accenture and her declaration of independence

After 3 years of living and working in Singapore, Charlotte decided to return back to London where she successfully joined the Accenture recruitment team in a role that involved several talent acquisition skills. Charlotte joined the recruitment team who was responsible for the Accenture Digital practice, but it was the recognition by Accenture in Charlotte’s skill in strategic management that led her to also head up Accenture’s talent acquisition strategy across the business as a whole, within the United Kingdom.

Charlotte’s skill in strategically matching the right talent with the right opportunity, according to the needs of the organisation, also meant that she was invited to lead a team of talent professionals responsible for Accenture’s own in-house talent acquisition platform serving Accenture’s business divisions globally.

Charlotte today

As the Head of Delivery, Charlotte’s daily remit is founded on her career experience so far and leads the Talmix Delivery team to help deliver the best experience for Talmix clients and the community of independent consultants. She shares with us the best career advice she received; “Never be afraid to hire someone in your team who’s better than you. You should always have someone pushing out upwards and out” – a notion that not only touches on internal talent acquisition, but on external independent consulting acquisition too. It’s no wonder that Charlotte is a force of nature who is making a difference in so many of our clients’ and consultants’ working worlds.

You can have a chance to hear more from Charlotte at our next Live Broadcast where we’ll be discussing the challenging art of determining your value as an independent consultant. Why not join us on 9 November 2016, 16:00 (GMT) where we’ll be sharing tips to help you determine your consultant rate.

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