7 ways to stay part of a consulting community as an independent

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Life as an independent can be hard to adjust to when you’re used to being part of a community. There are groups, associations and membership organisations that you can join to remain part of a wider network with your peers. Or you could set one up yourself.
Here are some suggestions for where you can find communities to share experiences and resources:

  • IPSE (The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed): IPSE is the main membership body for independent workers, making sure that you have a voice in Government. As a member you’ll get support on tax and legal issues, access to the community so you can ask questions of peers and find advice from others in similar situations. 
  • Institute of Consulting: Continuing your professional development as an independent can feel challenging as you have to set the agenda yourself. Becoming a member of the Institute of Consulting provides you with a framework to develop with, no matter how experienced you are. Whether that is taking further qualifications or attending networking events.
  • Chartered Management Institute: You may already be a chartered management consultant, but if not it is a good way to establish yourself as part of the wider community now that you are independent. They provide qualifications, events and courses.
  • Market Research Freelancers Forum (LinkedIn Group): This group is useful for finding case studies and having discussions around them with fellow freelance workers.
  • Consultants Network (Linkedin Group): This is a consulting group that unites all kinds of consultants and freelancers. It is the largest one out there with over 400,000 global members and is the largest consultancy community on LinkedIn. 
  • Meetup: If you want to make your connections in person then look to Meetup. You can use it to find an existing local group or set one up yourself with your own spin on where and how you meet up. 
  • Talmix community: Part of being registered as a consultant with Talmix is being part of our growing community. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep up with what is going on, join our regular webinars and look out for the events we run throughout the year.

We'd love to hear from you about the ways that you stay in touch with a wider consultant network as an independent. If you know of any groups you'd like to share or you would like to hear more about how Talmix can provide greater access to our consultant network, get in touch.

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