3 more industries saying YES to a fluid workforce

It’s not science fiction, it’s a new normal. And for our economy, this new normal is focussed on one thing: People - the people that work in your organisation, the people that work on your organisation, the people that deliver your new strategy. Some call it disruptive, some call it a Liquid Economy – and they would all be correct. We call it the Fluid Workforce – and it’s fast becoming the foundations for a new, smarter economy. 

We look at a few industries who are embracing this new way of looking at Talent – to ensure strategy success. 

“The Training industry and a new trend spreading like a virus among industries”

In a recent article published by the CEO of Panda Training OY, a Finnish startup founded in March 2016, Dima Syrotkin, he referred to this new fluid workforce as a “tsunami” which will either work wonders for those who grab hold of it, or drown those who lack the credibility, tools and true expertise to adapt.  
In the same article, Dima discusses the power of the ability to find new, fresh perspectives through a more fluid approach to training – and not being wholly reliant on the same trainers that have been used for the past 50 years.  In fact, he sums it up perfectly, “The term of liquid workforce is [usually] related to outsourcing and freelance. Yet, it encompasses more: the way businesses could use modern phenomena of ever-changing environment and flexibility and what could be the outcomes of that.”

The Gaming industry: Liquid Workforce keeping them ahead of their Game

When gaming company Psyonix launched Rocket League back in 2015, they pulled in more than $110 million of revenue in its first year. And according to them, it was all down to one simple way of development: the use of a Liquid Workforce.  
The business was based in Netherlands, but that didn’t stop them from accessing the best talent from all over the world. Using this project-based model, it enabled them to keep the core function of the business focussed on strategy, while relying on specialist talent to deliver the additional resource they needed to make their product great. And they did that, simply by trying a new way of working.  

“Healthcare’s Liquid Workforce Has Arrived and Patients Are Centre-Stage”

According to a recent study conducted by Accenture, the Health industry is facing, and embracing a new shakeup when it comes to all things digital. And much as their industry stalwart counterparts, their new strategy focusses heavily on a new, agile way of running and managing their industry to deliver the best possible care and attention – keeping their patients at the core of the industry’s day-to-day. 

From patient-centred innovation through to the implementation of disruptive technology that supports a new fluid way of working, it is clear that the healthcare industry is getting ready for the new future of work. 


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