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4 weeks Technology Assessment - Smartphone components and technology analysis

Project status
Project start date
As soon as possible
Project posted
31 Jan 2019 07:07
Project duration (approx.)
4 Weeks
Budget (approx.)
US$18400 (fixed cost)
Level of Experience
Area of expertise
Information Technology, Procurement, Product Management

Objectives and Key Deliverables

Objective: Identify emerging smartphone components that are at a development stage beyond prototype but which have not been mass-produced or commercialized because it is not possible currently to produce them at mass scale (e.g. millions of units). In other words, objective is to identify components which can be only manufactured at low scale (less than 100K or even less than 30K per year) due to low yield rates or other reasons. One potential example is Sapphire Display or MicroLED

Categories of components to be analyzed:

1. Display

· Improvement to existing OLED displays (PPI, contrast, luminance, color gamut, etc)

· MicroLED

· Foldable and Rollable display

· High refresh rate screen (120+ Hz)

· Other new display technology

2. Touch-Screen Panel

· Improvement to existing panels

· Other new TSP technology

3. Camera (module, lens, image sensor and image processor)

· Improvement to current lenses (number of optical lenses, more brightness f-number, OIS, Shutter, etc.)

· Improvement to current type of sensors or processors (inc. Auto Focus, Auto Exposure, Auto White Balance, etc)

· New type of lenses, image sensors or image processors (ISP)

· Image sensors to power 3D cameras for AR

· Depth sensing

· Infrared camera

· More than 10x Optical zoom

· Placement for selfie camera with no-bessel display

· Other new camera technology

4. AP (Application Processor)

· New CPU technology: latest ARM’s IP (which will allow applied products 2-3 years from now)

· Other new AP technology

5. Memory

· Improvement in capacity and bandwidth (SRAM, DRAM, ROM / storage, NAND Flash)

· Memory Package Type (PoP, eMCP, etc)

· Other new memory technology

6. Biometrics authentication

· Fingerprint recognition

i. Under or In-display fingerprint sensor (simultaneous authentication of two or more fingers, Continuous authentication)

ii. New fingerprint methods

· Facial/ Vein/ DNA recognition

· Other new biometrics technology

7. Sensors

· Improvement to existing sensors: Proximity, RGB, Barometric, HRM (heart rate), Acceleration/ Gyro, Earth magnetic

· Improved location/mechanism of existing sensors in full 100% display with no-bessels

· Other new sensor technology: smell? 3D sensors on the front and back? other

8. Connectivity

· 5G

· eSIM

· wifi, Bluetooth, BLE, NFC

9. RF & Antenna

· Modem, Transceiver (RFIC), RF Front End (RFFE), 4-Rx Diversity, 4x4 MIMO, others?

10. Audio

· Speakers

i. Improvement to existing technology (vibration plate/magnet/coils/ subwoofers)

ii. Other new speakers technology

· Microphone

i. Improvement to existing technology (Noise or Echo removal, Dynamic Voice Enhancement, UHQ Upscaler). Multi Mics (call, voice recorder, camcorder, others)

ii. Other new mic technology

11. Power or Charging Solution

· High speed or any new charging technology

· Wireless Charging

i. Improving of electromagnetic inductive coupling (Qi), Beyond 15W wireless charging

ii. Reverse (two-way) wireless charging

iii. Ambient backscatter

iv. Any new wireless charging technology

12. Battery

· Improving of Lithium ion batteries (Beyond 5,000 mAh, more efficiency in smaller batteries)

· Leyden’s electrolyte material, batteries with silicon, batteries with tin

· Any new battery technology

13. PCB

· Improving of existing PCB structure or materials (Flexible PCB, Rigid Flexible PCB) or Layers (beyond Multilayered Board)

14. Resistance

· Improvement to Water/Dust Resistance (Beyond IP68)

· Other: resistance to other substances or conditions

15. Glass

· Improvements to current glass materials

· Replacement for glass: Sapphire, others

16. External case materials

· Improvement to metal (materials, polishing, etc)

· New aluminum or metal alloys (beyond aluminum)

· Titanium, Graphene or other new materials

· External appearance

i. New type of paint

ii. Powder painting

iii. Printing

iv. Covering (leather, etc)

v. Ways to personalize the external case to each user

17. Others (components not currently present in smartphones)

· Input (for instance, alternatives to touch screen such as gesture)

· Output (for instance, alternatives to the display such as holograms)

We expect special focus on four categories: Camera, Display, Battery, External case materials (note: all components are important and should be assessed independently and comprehensively, however the said priority categories should be specially considered).

Note: we don’t expect to find components that fit the criterion in every single category. If one category doesn’t present a new component that fits the criterion (i.e. production only possible at low volume), then we can leave it blank (n/a).


· Build a summary table comparing the identified component vs. those in flagship existing products

· For some selected components from prior table, explain in 1 slide, including more detail (e.g. reason why it’s not possible -currently- to produce it at scale).


· Day 1: kickoff call to answer any potential question from consultant

· End of Week 1: submit draft table including 3-4 components to validate alignment on structure and content

· End of Week 2: submit 50% of the table

· End of Week 3: submit complete table and present it in a 90 min call (receive feedback and follow-up questions). Selection of components for slides.

· Week 4: submit final version of table addressing any prior questions/comment and slides for selected components

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