Project status
Project start date
As soon as possible
Project posted
31 Jul 2019 14:41
Project duration (approx.)
1.0 Day
Budget (approx.)
US$800 / day
Level of Experience
Logistics, Supply Chain & Storage
Area of expertise
Consultant location
English (Essential)

Objectives and Key Deliverables

Our client is a postal services company in the Gulf region and is undergoing a major transformation backed by the government.
Their entire business model is being addressed and at this point in time there are several options / directions open to them that are being considered. We have been asked to assess the current state of the Finance function and its capability and capacity to serve the new business model (ecosystem) and in addition to design a finance target operating model (TOM) for the new business, incl. a roadmap to reach the new TOM.

Our client has specifically requested that we benchmark / reference our work to other major players in the international market. Key questions to address as part of the benchmarking exercise will be:
1. Determine how have they designed their Finance TOM?
2. How have they organized their finance department to serve the organization?
3. Have they undergone a recent transformation? If so, we would like details such as duration,
current stage, objectives, etc.
4. Are they are using digital technology as an enabler?
5. Do they have an activity-based costing discipline?
Activity-based costing is high on our client’s agenda and the desire to move to a highly transparent cost
structure, and any information on how other players have addressed this will be beneficial for us. Further
information on key learnings from their transformation initiatives is another item we would like information

Our design and proposal will therefore need to be referenced in with other major players and tailored to the specific requirements of our client. This is key to our client’s decision making.
We have listed 14 companies that we would like to get in touch with or obtain information from on their business model, how they have organized their finance function to serve their organizations business model.

The required informations includes: business model, including TOM and org charts, technology, skill set of the finance team at the various levels of seniority, workflows, activity based costing, delegated authority, ERP systems, content management systems, shared service center, business partnering, reporting requirements and structures.
Ideally we would like to speak to someone senior in the Finance or Transformation departments of these companies:
Emirates Post
Egypt Post
U. S. Mail
Royal Mail
Deutsche Post
Singapore Post
La Poste (France)
China Post
Logistics & Courier Companies

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