Financial Analysis & Modelling + POS Systems Integration

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16 Feb 2016 10:18
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1.0 Week
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Accounting and Finance
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Objectives and Key Deliverables

Breaking Bread is a gourmet deli selling made-to-order sandwiches, salads and other high-end food products.

We have performed a detailed financial analysis of lasts years performance and the idea was to use the model at the end of every month however, the model is static. Every month a lot of effort must be put in to upload the correct data and be able to analyse the previous months performance and make informed decision. It takes almost 3 weeks to get it right and by this time we have lost the month. We need a dynamic financial analysis (system) with real time data being pushed to be able to see daily contribution margins and profit per product and to accommodate for monthly new products and removal of products.

Furthermore, we need to develop a current business model in order to see the effects of change in material cost and/or change in product price as well as being able to forecast sales.

In order for the financial analysis and model to be dynamic we must integrate the POS Management system (Revel Systems) with Quick-book. Both system have already developed and have well established integration interfaces, it just a matter of linking mapping the correct accounts. There is a set-up wizard which walks through the integration. This will also allow accounting to be automated. A little help in creating a suitable chart of accounts.

The reason we are emphasizing on an automated integrated analysis model is that the 4 partner of the store all have full time jobs and the model created can't be sustained.

Finally, we do have an adhoc accounting team and consultant will be expected to coordinate with them.

1) Dynamic Detailed Financial Analysis Model
-Breaks down of: Revenue, Direct Cost, Contribution Margin, Indirect Cost, Gross Profit, G&A and Net Profit down to the per product level. As well as comparison of these breakdowns between products.
2)Dynamic Detailed Business Model
-Able to build the BOM of the products hence the cost, then be able to see effect of change cost of raw material and/or change price of products (markup) on the overall performance of the business in the coming year.
3)POS and Quickbook Full Integration.
-Must learn about the various reports that the POS generates
-Must be familiar with Quickbook (or seek third party assitance)
-Creating suitable chart of accounts

Financial Analysis and Modeling

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