Market Research

Project status
Project start date
Not specified
Project posted
27 Jan 2014 18:15
Project duration (approx.)
28.0 Days
Budget (approx.)
£15000 / day
Civil Engineering, Retail
Area of expertise
Market Analysis
Consultant location

Objectives and Key Deliverables

Our client is developing a floating work, home and leisure device measuring 8 metres and octagonal in shape.This client is looking  for a consultant to deliver a market research, analysis, and positioning piece, which will include market and competitor analysis, survey creation and implementation, focus groups,   simulated test market and branding guidance in 3 stages.

This project is in 3 stages; 1.  Markets and competitors analysis

* Preliminary desk research to identify potential

* Market segmentation,size and condition

* Product research and competitors identification   2.  Potential customers’ analysis * Creation of the survey form / questionnaire design

* Identification of relevant research method: data
collection technique / interview methodology / identification of 3 relevant
focus groups (10 people each)

* Identification of users awareness, perceptions and needs

* Expectations of retail market

* Web survey (200 people)

* Discussion with 3 focus groups (10 people in each)

* the client will then realise the ground
work himself and go and talk to 10 potential customers all over the UK (targets
previously identified : visits planned for 2 weeks)  Positioning the product Drawing on Point 1 and 2, this phase will develop
recommendations for positioning the product and will provide:

* Accurate information and guidance on the nature, segment
and size of market (clearly identifying where, when and how to reach customers)

*Simulated test marketing and branding guidance

* Pricing exercise and guidelines  Experience in high cost retail good (£50,000 + ) would be advantageous.

Requirement: Are you able to create surveys and implement these via the web (at least 200 surveys)?
Desired response: Yes

Requirement: Are you able to create and organisation and conduct 3 separate focus groups with at least 10 candidates per group?
Desired response: Yes

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