URGENT - Fundamental of Electrical Power Generation Transmission & Distribution -Training Program

Project status
Project start date
15 Jul 2018
Project posted
2 Jul 2018 08:43
Project duration (approx.)
5 Days
Budget (approx.)
US$480 / day
Level of Experience
Area of expertise
Consultant location
English (Essential)

Objectives and Key Deliverables

We are one of the leading providers of public and customised in-house learning and development solutions.
We are currently seeking a consultant to deliver a 5 day training course on the building blocks of electrical engineering, the fundamentals of electrical design and integrating electrical engineering know-how into the other disciplines within an organization. Unnecessary theory will be minimized and you will focus on best practice over the two days of the course.

The course will commence by reviewing basic electrical circuits and electrical laws. You will then be exposed to the basic principles of electrical generation, transmission and distribution. Electrical distribution will then be covered in considerably more detail. The interesting area of electrical measurements as applied to single phase and three phase systems will then be reviewed. You will be exposed to earthing with a strong focus on safety issues. Transformers will then be examined with an emphasis on power transformers as used in the electrical distribution industry. The first day will be concluded with coverage of power system components in terms of isolators, fuses and circuit breakers.

Course Objective:
On completion of this course participants should:
1. Know the Basic Electrical Parameters (Voltage, Current, and Resistance), their units of measurement (Volts, Amperes, and Ohms) and inter‐relationship (Ohms Law).
2. be able to relate these parameters to the Basic Electrical Circuit and Series and Parallel Circuit configurations.
3. Understand the difference between continuity and insulation resistance;
4. Know how to calculate Electric Power and Energy consumption;
5. Understand the information marked on equipment for rating purposes;
6. Understand the characteristics of and differences between direct current (D.C.) and alternating current (A.C.);
7. Understand the need for electrical protection, the types of abnormal condition for which protection is required, the types of protective device available for use and method of operation;
8. Be able to select a protective device of the correct type and rating;
9. Understand the principles of earthing;
10. Understand the need for and difference between switching and isolation, including the characteristics of such devices and the importance of correct polarity;
11. Have an awareness of the different supply arrangements (LV and HV) to work premises and the arrangement of building electrical installations.
12. Understand the different types an constructions of electrical equipment and the use of extension leads.

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