GTM strategy for start-up tech product (higher ed related)

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Project start date
Not specified
Project posted
7 Dec 2015 17:52
Project duration (approx.)
2.0 Weeks
Budget (approx.)
US$300 / day
Education, Technology
Area of expertise
Market Analysis, Marketing, Sales / Business Development, Strategy
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Objectives and Key Deliverables

We've built the prototype for a digital tool that gives admissions advice and tips while applicants are working on their online college applications. As we work on refining the product (which we've been testing on real, live, restless high schoolers), we're now turning our attention to Go To Market (GTM) strategy. We want to hire someone to do the GTM research for our product and provide us with our GTM "playbook." We expect to launch our product for the application cycle that starts in Fall 2016.

We are looking to hire someone immediately, with a deliverable turn-around time of 2 weeks. Follow-on projects are possible (e.g. helping us implement/execute the GTM playbook), but for now, we want to start with the GTM plan itself. We have some ideas about how to go about GTM for our product, but we are not GTM experts, and we don't have time to do the research ourselves on a DIY basis. We also know we're biased, and we would rather hire an expert to give us unbiased, research-driven, and data-driven GTM advice. (FYI, CommonCoach is the working name of the product; the name is likely to change.)

Deliverables: written report, delivered remotely.

Questions we have (although a GTM expert might decide there are others we should be asking):
1. Which sales model is ideal for CommonCoach?
1.1.Direct sales
1.2.Distributor network (resellers)
1.3.Mixed approach (10/90 - 90/10)
1.4.Completely different approach
2. Who are the top 10 players in the education world that sell directly to the targeted audience?
2.1.Where do they get their data from?
2.2.How big are their data sets?
2.3.How big are the players in terms of revenue, profit and staff?
2.4.How big are their sales departments? How do they sell?
2.5.How well equipped are these players to sell digital goods either directly or by referral?
3. Who are the players outside of the education field who sell directly to the targeted audience?
3.1.Where do they get their data from?
3.2.How big are their data sets?
3.3.How big are the players in terms of revenue, profit and staff?
3.4.How big are their sales departments? How do they sell?
3.5.How well equipped are these players to sell digital goods either directly or by referral?
4. What is the targeted audience?
4.1.High-schoolers directly or their parents/advisors/networks?
5. Research price points.
5.1.Is a one-fits all approach the right strategy or should we have tiered pricing?
5.2.Define what tiers could possibly be.
6. How big is the total addressable market in 2016, 2017, 2018?
7. How big is the reachable market for each recommend sales model? (e.g. roughly 300,000 in students
in China who apply to US colleges and universities can’t be reached via Facebook)
8. Based on distribution model what are rough cost schedules for providing collateral?
9. Research potential strategic investors. Aligned interest groups, etc.
10. Research tie-ins (e.g. embedded test score reporting; essay question aggregators; college match)
11. What other players besides high-schools, counselors, colleges, campus tour companies, test prep
companies, and tutoring come to mind?

Expertise in GTM research and strategy for a consumer-facing technology product. If more narrowly expert in higher-education related tech products, so much the better, but higher-ed expertise not required.

Day rate estimated based on project budget. Candidate will expected to deliver GTM playbook within 2 weeks of hire date.

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