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Project start date
Not specified
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9 Sep 2013 09:45
Project duration (approx.)
45 Days
Budget (approx.)
£650 / day
Area of expertise
Market Analysis, Marketing
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Objectives and Key Deliverables

Project PurposeTo understand the opportunity for value creation and
relationship development with marketers – what’s expected from a professional body, how professional development can help marketers achieve their career
aspirations and make them more effective in their roles, and the competitive
context in which we operate.


Ultimately, this project will provide clarity on the needs,
motivations and expectations of our core consumer – individual marketers. It
will help us to shape our products and support offerings to ensure our
propositions for employers also deliver value to individual marketers, and that
we have a strong basis on which to build a relationship over the course of
their career. Current SituationToday, our understanding of individual marketers is flawed.
In the UK, there are more than 700,000 people working in marketing, of which we
have a less than 3% share (membership subscriptions) or a 6% share if wider
engagement (training delegates, events attendees etc) is incorporated. Either
way, we have a long way to go.  As a consequence of this, and driven in part by our prior
product-focused organisation structure, we have concentrated our efforts and
investments on understanding and satisfying the minority. Research amongst our
members (less than 3% of the UK market) has arguably led to the development of
products and services for one or more niches, not the market – as the only
discernible characteristic this audience hold in common is a willingness to pay
us £125-£185 per annum.  Further, our inability to make meaningful impact on
membership acquisition and poor track record in membership retention has been
clouded by the use of opaque or distracting metrics such as satisfaction, NPS,
usage and perception – in principle, not problematic but when used as a proxy
for performance, these have created false hopes.  

However, building an intimate understanding of our consumers
is accepted as essential for future success. Past research has shown the UK
marketing population to be largely unserved by our primary competitors which,
when coupled with our wider research and segmentation efforts, should present a
meaningful opportunity for our client to gain traction with a sizeable population,

Key Deliverables

•       In-depth Key Deliverables analysis of marketer needs and opportunities, presented in multiple formats for
multiple audiences (presentations, factpacks, quick-guides etc).

•       Evidence-based
mapping of marketers’ career and development pathways.

•       Input
to the redevelopment of our client's Professional Standards competency framework, and
our qualifications portfolio.

•       Priority
recommendations for new proposition opportunities or areas for further
exploration. •      
one: develop hypotheses (qual). Initially, we will begin this
study by developing hypotheses on the key themes we’re expecting to see
emerging from marketers, to inform research design and accelerate the process.
This will largely be conducted internally, although should we appoint a third
party to support subsequent phases, we would welcome their participation at
this formative stage, to improve their understanding of our business and market
context. Support Required From Consultants •      
two: shape and validate hypotheses (qual). Secondly, we are looking to test,
shape and validate our hypotheses through a qualitative phase to this research.
Either conducted online, through interviews or focus groups, we intend to use
this phase to further develop our understanding of marketers before embarking
on the main quantitative phase of the study. We are looking for support in the
design and execution of this phase.               •      
three: marketer survey (quant). Thirdly, and the main phase of
this study, we plan to conduct a significant quantitative survey amongst
marketers of demographic and firmographic makeup. This data collection exercise
will allow us to build a credible, statistically significant pool of data with
which to inform management decisions relating to proposition development,
product development and the redevelopment of our Professional Standards
competency framework. We are looking for support in the design and execution of
this phase.  

•       Phase four: analysis, development of
conclusions and recommendations. Finally, we are looking for support with
the analysis of our survey data, the review of our hypotheses in light of the
evidence collected, and the development of conclusions and recommendations for

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