Project status
Project start date
Not specified
Project posted
9 Sep 2013 09:56
Project duration (approx.)
20 Days
Budget (approx.)
£20000 / day
Non-Profit, Consumer Goods & Services
Area of expertise
Market Analysis, Marketing
Consultant location

Objectives and Key Deliverables

Project Purpose To establish the ‘current state’ of our brand positioning,
resonance, relevance and value – simply, what our target audiences think and
feel about our client's  brand.


This project aims to dispel conjecture and anecdote –
instead providing a quantified, detailed assessment of where we are today and
the gap between intent and reality. It is designed to provide a benchmark for
future comparison to allow us to track progress on resolving problems and
improving brand performance. Current SituationPresently, our client lacks a meaningful assessment of our client's brand
standing and perceived reputation amongst the breadth of the UK marketing
community, or beyond to our international audiences. This is viewed as a
critical weakness: given our brand is viewed as a significant asset which has
held strong during our most difficult period (viz. the last ten years), and
continues to support our client's organisation’s fortunes today, our client's needs to get to the
bottom of their starting point, and clearly identify the priorities for change through
this brand strategy programme.  In addition, our limited penetration of the UK marketing
community (membership subscriptions stand at below 3% share) has two
consequences:  1.     The
majority of our opportunity to solicit opinion or feedback is restricted to a
minority of the market – potentially just a niche or multiples thereof. This is
a dangerous basis on which to pursue an acquisition strategy. 2.     We
simply don’t know what the vast majority think or feel about or client's organisation. Are they fundamentally disliked, or simply victims of apathy? Are they failing because of
a lack of awareness, or are they falling down on consideration?

Experience in non-profits, and/ or educational or professional bodies will be well received.

Key Deliverables

•       In-depth,
factual  assessment of our client's current brand positioning, as seen by the UK
marketing community.

•       Assessment
of our client's perceived relevance, salience and value to the UK marketing community.           Analysis of how we’re perceived relative to key competitive
groups/competitors. Support Required From Consultant

•       Phase one: establishing the right approach
to auditing brand perception.

Initially, the client is looking for
support with developing the right approach for this brand perception study.


•       Phase two: designing the research
interventions needed.

Secondly, the client looking for
support in the design of any primary research interventions required as part of
our brand perception study (ie survey, interview guide etc).


•       Phase three: data gathering and
implementation of required primary research. Thirdly, the client is  looking for
support in the execution of required research activities (conducting market
surveys, sourcing external data, conducting interviews or focus groups etc).


•       Phase four: analysis, development of
conclusions and recommendations.

Finally, the client is looking for
support with the analysis of multiple sources of data and shaping these to a
conclusion: a meaningful assessment of current brand performance and priority
areas for addressing in the short and long-term within the context of this programme.


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