Slide Deck Promoting Acquisition of IP Technology - Maximum Effectiveness in ( 10 ) Slides or Less

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11 Jun 2013 00:16
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7 Days
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Market Analysis, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Sales / Business Development
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NOTE:  Details have been left out from this description and will not be divulged until I have made my choice of service provider and also a non-disclosure agreement has been signed and returned back to me.  US based consultants are preferred.  I Would consider altering my approach as described barring it does not adversely affect my desired end result.  I am looking to approach several technology companies with a proposition to acquire intellectual property in the form of a provisional utility patent and a design patent that has been filed but not yet granted.  The novel piece of technology that I have derived can be added as a layer to existing web and mobile consumer based services within a specific vertical.  Several companies can benefit from such an acquisition because they have large consumer bases that are currently using such services, other companies could use the potential technology rights to scale a current consumer acquisition strategy, and others may wish to use the potential technology rights for future use as a defensive or offensive strategy against competitors.

Each technology company has a unique placement within the marketplace and would benefit in similar and/or unique ways, therefore, the slide deck would need to be adjusted accordingly for each potential acquirer.  As it stands, there are ( 4-5 ) target companies but to begin with we would start with ( 2 ).  I believe 65%-75% of the content used within the slide deck would be recycled.  The remaining would be a tailored value proposition to each potential acquirer.It is important to note that, while C-Level executives are the target recipients of this slide deck, VP-level executives would be the champions of a potential acquisition and post development/implementation.  With this said, my intention is not to produce a high level "McKinsey" style presentation, but rather in ( 10 ) slides or less convince the reader of, 1).  An insecurity as to why they did not think of it first?, 2).  Understand how it relates to their business currently and in the future, and 3).  How it can effect either user acquisition strategies and/or the bottom line?.

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