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Full Market Overview - High-tech Optical and Medical Devices, Europe

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Not specified
Project posted
21 Feb 2014 14:41
Project duration (approx.)
34 Days
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£100.83 / day
Hospital & Health Care, Pharmaceuticals
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Market Analysis
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Objectives and Key Deliverables

Client is a Distributor of high-tech Optical and Medical Devices across Europe

In 2011,
our Client was registered in the UK as a wholly owned subsidiary of their Japanese
parent company (a private Japanese conglomerate company); our Client. then
established its own wholly owned subsidiary, TE (Germany)
Ltd, based in Dusseldorf.

remit of these companies was to take the Optic Products portfolio of the Group,
previously sold in Europe via a distribution network managed by a small team
within Group (Europe)  also based in
Dusseldorf, and establish direct sales teams for some of the products in UK and
Germany and provide stronger management of the distribution network in other
European (plus Russia and Turkey) markets.

product portfolio includes equipment for ophthalmic diagnosis, sold to
hospitals and optometry, binoculars and telescopes targeted at the nature and
birdwatching fraternity, lenses for integration into manufacturing inspection
systems, lenses for integration into surveillance cameras/systems. All products
are targeted at the top end of these markets in terms of price and quality.

At the
instigation of the project the plan was also to launch a range of IOLs (Inter
Ocular lenses used for cataract replacement) and a range of LED lighting
systems. Subsequently, the company moved away from LED lighting as a strategic
focus so our Client is still evaluating the potential within the EU with
minimal expenditure; and the decision was made to transfer responsibility of
the IOLs to the Pharmaceutical Division of  our Client (Japan) within Europe (our Client
Pharmaceutical Europe Limited).

Our Clients
operation received initial funding of €2.5 m. which was used to establish the new
offices in UK  and in Germany, employ
direct sales staff in UK and Germany, new accounting staff and purchase the
stock from our Clients Group (Europe).

In 2013
the decision was made to separate our Client and our clients Germany operation
in terms of reporting lines with each reporting in separately to the head
office in Tokyo, with our Client managing sales in UK and the distributors in
western Europe  which has created some
elements of management and back office duplication, and now there is a proposal
to further sub divide the organisation by establishing a third (probably
independent) office in Milan to take over the management of the distributors in
the Southern EU countries.

There is
a need to analyze whether or not the European market for ophthalmic medical
devices and for binoculars and scopes is homogeneous with little differences in
the requirements of customers in southern Europe, north eastern Europe (Germany
and east to Russia)  and north western
Europe (Europe and Scandinavia); whether or not this market would be best
managed as a single market;  and more
generally whether smaller identical business units spread across Europe creates
a more uneconomic infrastructure due to the possible duplication of functions
and staff.

The lens
businesses is naturally split by application area (Manufacturing Inspection and
Surveillance) and has to date been managed separately with surveillance lenses
being sold across Europe from UK and the
manufacturing lenses being sold from Germany.
If these businesses were divided into three European regions, analysis  is needed to inform HQ whether or not any possible
benefits might outweigh any probable increase in overheads.

project would provide an independent assessment of the landscape, dynamics and
drivers of the ophthalmic diagnostic instrument market, the binocular and
telescope market, and optical lens markets in Europe,
with examples/benchmarks from the organisational structure of
competitive/comparable companies.

Zeiss, Nidek, Canon (medical), for medical devices; Nikon, Swarowski, Zeiss,
Leicia for telescopes and binoculars; Fujinon, Tameron, Schneider for the

Plus a
Swot analysis / Pros & cons of a regionally based structure versus a more
centrally managed organisation.

financials/budgets; organisational charts etc. can be supplied.Please provide fee estimates for the proposed project. It might be easier to break the project down into different stages.Please only apply if based in the UK

Requirement: I confirm that I have/will sent a fee estimate and a brief proposal that outlines 'what a project like this could look like' to scott@mbaco.com
Desired response: Yes

Requirement: I am based in the UK
Desired response: Yes

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