Digital Marketing Strategy for Indian Romance Novels

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4 Jun 2016 21:18
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4 Weeks
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Marketing, Strategy
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Objectives and Key Deliverables

Summary of Company:

Mohini Media is an e-book publishing company specializing in Indian romance novels and short erotic stories. These products are marketed exclusively on The primary audience is Indian women between the ages of 18-55 in India. The secondary audience is Indian women between the ages of 18-55 located outside Indian (UK, US, Australia, and the Middle East).

Both audiences represent the up-and-coming Indian middle class. They are fluent in English, and tech-savvy enough to own a laptop with Kindle downloaded onto it. They are open to e-books. They have professional jobs, and/or are married to men who work in professional services. They live in the main Indian cities: Mumbai, Bombay, New Delhi, Bengaluru, and Chennai.

The long-term plan of this company is to expand into other genres (the ones I actually like – mystery, suspense, science fiction, older Indian fiction translated into English, etc.). I am focusing on romance/erotica right now because that tends to produce steady revenue in the publishing industry. This is a start-up, so steady revenue is mission critical before any expansion happens.

Find out more: check out Mohini Media’s webpage here, and our Facebook page here. Also take a look at our first two products on Amazon: Leela’s Surrender and Varuni’s Passion.

Summary of the Marketing Problem:

Mohini Media is located in San Francisco, California, but the target audience is in India. The only way to reach the target audience would be through digital marketing. I believe Facebook will be the primary tool to reach these customers. I have a Facebook page set up for Mohini Media. I need assistance with the following:

1) Brand Story. I need to develop a brand story that appeals to women in India, and also markets our offerings. It needs to be non-sleazy, although most of my initial product offerings will focus on erotica short stories set in India.

My initial thought was to focus on marketing Mohini Media as a secret indulgence: ie, with the tag “It’s your secret. Indulge yourself”, and then have an image of a shadowed attractive Indian woman holding a finger to her lips. But that idea needs to be fleshed out some more. Not sure how to build a social brand around that concept, which will appeal to Indian women. I think that if this product is positioned as a budget luxury item for upscale Indian women, it will hit a chord. The Indian consumer is very aspirational – they want the luxury stuff, so a high-end product that represents an affordable stepping-stone to Western sophistication (with an Indian touch) would be attractive.

A tricky part: right now, Mohini Media focuses only on romance and erotic stories. As mentioned above, however, I hope to expand to other genres (and other Indian audiences). The only reason I’m focusing on this genre at the moment is because it usually generates the most revenue for publishing companies. Future expansion plans may not be an issue for the purpose of developing an initial brand story – just thought I would mention it. I don’t want to be the Playgirl for Indian women. It’s sleazy, and no one would take a Playgirl type brand seriously if it expanded into other genres, even if under a different label.

2) Content. I need some advice on developing content that will interest potential readers. Right now, I am reposting Indian articles on Fashion, Art, Beauty, and Travel. I schedule these posts on FB about a month in advance. My assumption is that my target customer is a well-educated, professional Indian woman who is curious about romance and erotica, but also likes reading about beauty/art/travel/fashion, etc. However, my posts are not getting many page views – I can’t figure out why some get 80 views, and others get 2. Advice on this would be much appreciated.

My hope is to keep the FB page “clean”, so that readers will get an occasional (weekly/biweekly post?) on romance/erotic products available on Amazon, but will not be embarrassed to “like” the Mohini Media page because it discusses contemporary topics of interest to women (ie, fashion, travel, etc.).

I am not sure if this is the right approach. Input would be very helpful.

3. Targeted Facebook Ads. I need a lot of help with this. I am not sure how to do this. At all. I am experimenting right now, but would greatly appreciate getting a plan of attack from someone who has done this for other brands in the past. I have noticed some Facebook Indian pages (like “South Indian Fashion”) have thousands of likes; they also seem to get people to respond to their frequent posts. How did they do this?

4. Facebook Signups for Email Newsletter. I would like to get folks to also sign up for a weekly newsletter from Mohini Media. How do I do this? The newsletter (for the next couple of months) will initially just have 1-2 products from Mohini Media (erotic Indian short stories) and also some links to other content that appeared on our FB site (news articles on Indian Fashion, Art, etc.). Eventually, as the newsletter grows, I would like to include product endorsements/ reviews with affiliate links embedded.

5. Website SEO and User Experience. I had a website developed. But I think it needs to be website SEO enhanced. I have no idea how to do this. The initial concept for the website was to have content that would appeal to the target consumer (sections on art, fashion, food, history). The product offering is on the home page, but the idea was that a variety of content would help keep the consumer coming back. (ie, online bike shops often have multiple informative articles about biking that are packed with advice and info). I am not sure this approach is working with my current website (which was just launched).

6. General Strategy for Other Social Media Sites. I’m a start-up army of one right now, so I’m just focusing on FB. But a general discussion of the approach for other social media websites would be great (WhatsApp, Pinterest, etc.).

A word document with sections addressing all of the above numbered items. Specifically: 1) Brand Story should have a proposed brand story with a general explanation of how to disseminate that story to the target audience via Facebook and website; 2) Content should have 1-4 proposed content subjects that tie in with the brand story (a short sample content piece would be good too, but not required); 3) Targeted Facebook Ads: specific advice on how to do this based on the target market I am interested in (I know I will have to run tests - perhaps include 3-4 sample test ads that I can run, with specific instructions as to the length of the test and budget and target audience key words); 4) Facebook Signups for Email Newsletter. Specific instructions on how to do this; 5) Website SEO and User Experience. Specific instructions to improve SEO would be great.

Digital marketing experience targeting Asian or Middle Eastern markets. Experience developing Facebook Ads and brand stories for foreign audiences.

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