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Not specified
Project posted
10 Dec 2013 07:36
Project duration (approx.)
7.0 Days
Budget (approx.)
£1800 / day
Media, Leisure, Travel & Tourism, Technology
Area of expertise
Information Technology
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Objectives and Key Deliverables

Project backgroundI want to start a social news website where users post information about their cities under categories that affect their daily lives. This information would be more than just about local businesses or reviews on services. It would be about the secrets that every city has & which is known only to people who live there. This information is scattered on Google in some form but not aggregated anywhere because its too dynamic. This site would be the platform for people to share such information & act as a hub for the ones who are looking for it.inWhat do my users currently do to solve the same problem my app solves?The first type of users currently visit other popular social sites like Facebook, twitter, linkedin, reddit, digg etc.The second type of users visit yellow pages sites or customer review sites looking for information on local businesses and/or services. If they do not find the answer to their query, google is the last option for going through Q&A sites, blogs, forums, random posts etc.How will my users use my app?Users will be able to do 7 primary activities on site/app -- publish posts (text, photos), publish queries, comment on posts/queries, search for information in posts, vote on posts/queries, connect with friends, follow friends/cities.There will be two types of interfaces which the users would encounter. One, a city's wall. Two, their own wall where their friends can see their posts.On a user's own wall, the posts would be made under categories which affect our daily lives (like food, entertainment, health etc). Posts could be either informational comments or queries and would be marked as such. These same posts would appear on that specific city's wall as well. Users can also search for information in their posts using keywords.Similarly on a city's wall, users would be able to make posts or search in posts. Content would be sorted on the basis of votes (positive votes less negative votes) and users will have the option to sort their view of the page basis net score or recent posts.Target market and target usersThere are three target markets for this service. First market consists of all people who are searching for information when they are visiting a new city or even living in a city & looking for information.Second market consists of people who have got accustomed to social networking and would be happy to share information on this site for their friends to see.Third target market from revenue perspective would be the advertisers who would be interested in publishing on this site/app. These advertisers would be across industries who currently spend on digital marketing.The target markets would be geography agnostic.What is limiting me making this app?I need a person with specific skill sets to make this service a reality. First and foremost, I need a technical expert with the knowledge & vision to bring this social platform to life. 

Product strategy & Road mappingTechnology stack & FrameworkAgile Development Methodologies & Engineering PracticeUser Persona and User StoriesKanban Board - Icebox, Backlog & ReleaseMVP Feature Selection User flow & Interaction  Low & High Fidelity PrototypeMarketing Page & Validation Strategies Agile Tech Team Structure & Hiring ProcessThe ideal candidate will have a background in technology at the strategic level from the online travel sector.As part of the project, the client is looking for 20- 30 hours of interaction over a 20 day period.This project will be remote.THE CLIENT HAS INSTRUCTED US THAT THE CONSULTANT MUST BE BASED IN THE UK.The expected remuneration is up to £1800.

Requirement: Do you have more than 5 years experience working with social media startups?
Desired response: Yes

Requirement: Have you worked within the online travel sector and is this obvious from your CV?
Desired response: Yes

Requirement: Are you based within the UK?
Desired response: Yes

Requirement: Are you able to dedicate 20-30 hours over a 20 day period?
Desired response: Yes

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