Meeting the financial and non financial objective for UAE via sovereign fund LP investments in VCs

Project status
Project start date
Not specified
Project posted
12 Aug 2016 23:35
Project duration (approx.)
1 Month
Budget (approx.)
US$2400 (fixed cost)
Venture Capital
Area of expertise
Market Analysis, Sales / Business Development, Strategy

Objectives and Key Deliverables

The UAE has been thriving to become an innovation nation and a model in the region. Various examples within the country that has been pushing entrepreneurship such as public funds, private funds, incubators etc. While the aspiration to become an innovation nation and a hub is in action, it is only within the border of the country. This research is to look ways outside the UAE to support the vision.

By looking at countries such as Germany, Israel and many more which after a decade of active involvement in Silicon Valley, they turned into hubs themselves that not only attracts capital but technologies that contribute to the non-financial objectives, the social returns.

Given that the UAE is the home of largest sovereign funds, and since it invests in top VCs around the world, what would be the best way to catch up with those other countries? Furthermore, investing in VC as an alternative asset classes in UAE sovereign fund is appropriate however it only gets the financial returns, how can it also meet the non-financial returns such as Knowledge Transfer, Human Capital etc that goes in line with UAE and Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 ( you can google that ) ?

I proposed a rough idea to give a flavor to how this research could turn into. The UAE sovereign funds not only invest in VCs as LPs but also as GP therefore the have access at the firm level. Is there a way to structure a relationship that not only delivers the VC financial returns, but also let UAE tap into the expertise on the fund and portfolio level? Unfortunately, on some pitched the idea to launch UAE VC fund or an incubator however it is not feasible at all because he forgot that the country invests in VC managers because it lacks the expertise and deal access. In addition, Silicon Valley is over heated with money thus launching a UAE-backed VC with oil money is still lacking key success factors as I mentioned.

So the main research topic is, how the UAE can catch up with other successful countries by looking at their case studies and use the asset they have (Wealth, Sovereign Wealth global relationship and prestige in the capital world, country location, politics etc ). This is not another research project asking how we can launch an incubator or a VC so please avoid that. Furthermore, my proposed idea is only an example however the consultant might end up with a different recommendation built on his research and findings and expertise.

What I require? an expert in VC fund with great network on fund level, and track record in fund raising pitches. This idea should be confused with a social impact presentation. This project must have presented as an investment with expected IRR to be presented to the stockholders in UAE. This is key.

Paper and a presentation ( Fund Raising pitch - Call for action for next steps )

Experience in VC and fund level management.
Track record in raising funds.
Able to be an expert on countries of the case study.

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